Cross browser solution to IFRAME?

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I have a page that MUST have an area where links are loaded into however, I am coming across a few problems with the <IFRAME> tag if I view my site using Netscape.

I have a menu at the top of my page that uses hidden DIVs that appear when you hover over an area, but the DIVs are supposed to appear on top of the Iframe. However in Netscape they appear under the Iframe.

Does anyone know a way of fixing this or is there another solution to the Iframe? (PS no I cant use normal frames because my site needs to be one one page)
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I'd ditch the iframe and create a page containing content and menu for each view. Server side scripting could make this easier. has some pointers on the subject.
iframes only work in NS5+. In time, it will be standard, but right now we all have to wait on NS to catch up with the world.
Earlier versions of Netscape used the <ilayer> tag in the place of <iframe>. You should be able to use this:

<iframe src="whatever.html"><ilayer src="whatever.html">[other alternate html]</ilayer></iframe>

This way, if the browser doesn't support <iframe> it'll try <ilayer>, and if that isn't supported it'll use the html inside the <ilayer> tag


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