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May some one help me in fetching email address from a database say usermast table in users db on SQL2000 sql server .

Want to send mail to users ( username columns in usermast table ) as a job at specific time say 00:00 hrs based on database entry done on previous day.

Can this be made dynamic.

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Questions: What part of this procedure do you know already?
1) querying a table
2) sending email
3) starting sql at specific time

Let's start by the "easy" things:
3) you should know that SQL Server Agent can have jobs + schedules to start any SQL at any time.

2) you know how to send emails, including having parameters to run the procedure xp_sendmail

1) This can be done either using cursors (slow performance), or a tsql loop code on the table.

Hi Dilip,
xp_sendmail can take a list of usernames to send an email to. This list should be in the format:
<UserName1>;<UserName2>;<UserName3>;.....etc etc

To get the list of users from your table into a variable ready to pass to xp_sendmail, you'd do something like:

DECLARE @pstrUserList VARCHAR(1000)
SET @pstrUserList = ''

-- Put in WHERE clause if required to restrict users returned to be emailed.
SELECT @pstrUserList = @pstrUserList + ';' + username
FROM users.dbo.usermast

-- Trim off the preceding ";"
SET @pstrUserList = RIGHT(@pstrUserList, LEN(@pstrUserList) - 1)

IF ( LEN(ISNULL(@pstrUserList, '')) > 0 )
      -- Basic example of sending email to users
      EXEC xp_sendmail @pstrUserList, '<EMAIL TEXT HERE>'

You can put this into a stored procedure and then create a DTS package to call this procedure. Once you have the DTS package, you can schedule it to run when you require.

Hope that helps
Just to correct myself, the EXEC statement should be:

EXEC master.dbo.xp_sendmail @pstrUserList, '<EMAIL TEXT HERE>'
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