Forms 6i. Block Based on procedure. Parameter passing

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Can anyone tell me how to pass a block items' value into a procedure the block is based on.
I've tried putting the item name in the arguments properties but it appears to pass null. If I replace this with a hard value of say 99 it passes this fine.

The block is based on the procedure that looks like this.
It returns a ref cursor and this works fine without the in parameter.

PROCEDURE p_query_payees (pv_where_clause IN VARCHAR2,
                          prc_payees_rows IN OUT grefcur_payees);

blah blah.

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Mirror the value of the field to an item in another block (say Control block) and try to use this field (:control_block.field_name) in the procedure.


Tried this and form hung.
set the value in 'query data source arguments' to the control block item. Dump message  was Last Builtin: EXECUTE_QUERY - (Successfully Completed), but the procedure was never executed. Tried several times and had to kill most sessions.
1. Even if you were able to pass the value to the procedure, it will reflect only when you query the block again.
2. In the validation trigger of the item, copy its value to the control item.
3. run the form... enter any value in the field, save the form and query it to see the changes.

this should work.

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