Can't install Nokia 6310i Infrared Modem.

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I'm running Windows 2000 SP3 on an IBM Thinkpad 600X.
I am trying to set up an infrared connection with my Nokia 6310i.  

So, I've checked that infrared is enabled on my PC, & the PC recognizes that the phone is there when I place it next to the infrared thingy on the laptop.

I run through the Nokia modem setup supplied on the CD with the phone, & when prompted switch on the infrared setting on the phone.
The install recognizes the phone & runs through seemingly with no problems.
But, it does not install the Nokia modem, although, it does add the 'Nokia Modem Options' icon to the control panel.  It does not however contain any installed modems.

I've been to the Nokia site, there was a Microsoft ircomm patch, but I already have it.

Any ideas?
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NO idea, even tried to install the single INF file (add modem - have disk - ecc.) but I can't see any modem when choose the INF. Tried the bluetooth method?
I checked several newsgroups. The common tenor is that you might have to limit your IR connection speed to something like 56000 or lower (down to 9600). This seems to have worked for most people. Still it's highly recommended to have the latest software update on the Nokia 6310i, especially when using Bluetooth connectivity.


Thanks for the comments Wolf.  But it's not down to the speed, the supplied software will simply not install the Nokia modems on the kit I am using.  Which is nothing out of the ordinary.  I reckon the software is flawed.
I tried going back & installing the old 6210 software, (exactly the same process), & it works fine.
Unfortunately the 6210 modems do not work with the 6310i phone.  
Maybe I will have to resort to Bluetooth, unless anyone else has any suggestions...?
I have 6310i Modem. After installing drivers from CD on my Windows XP, i got new applet in Control Panel, but there are no 6310, only my old 6210. But! When i connect my mobile to PC, i can see new modem in list of hardware and can use it. So i think, it will be available only if you actualy connect your phone to PC. Like External Modems in Windows 2000, if you power on PC but modem switched off, windows will not show the modem in list of devices.

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