Windows could not load installer for Volume

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I have installed a new harddisk. Now everytime I startup my windows-XP-Pro system I get an error message stating:

Device installer error:
Windows could not load the installer for Volume. Contact your hardware vendor for assistance.

I have contacted Western Digital but they don't seems to be able to correct this issue.

At the same time I found out that when I run Windows Update and install updates that are available, that I get the same type of error messages, but now for other devices like:
Windows could not load the installer for Mouse
Windows could not load the installer for Keybord
Windows could not load the installer for hdc (3 times)
Windows could not load the installer for Volume (8 times)
Windows could not load the installer for Computer

I do not want to install Windows-XP from scatch, so I hope that you can help me with this one.

Many thanks for your support.
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If you unplug the new hardisk from the IDE chain do the problems go away?

what motherboard are you using?
Did you install windows on this hard drive or did you image it from another?

Is this hard drive a replacement or add-on to a another one?

I've seen a similar problem to this before and it turned out to be the processor was bad. I would look into the hardware aspect of things.

Specifically memory and processor. Also do a test of the new hard drive using chkdsk /f at the command prompt. Hope this helps!



I don't know where to find/how to see what type of motherboard i have. I have a Compaq presario 7EL7000T with an Intel processor. Perhaps you can advice me how to find this?

There are 2 disk, disk 0 contains Windows 2000 professional and is the C partition, Windows-XP-Pro at the D Partion and has a data partition E. Disk 1 is the new drive with only 1 partition (F) for video editing.

So the disk1 has been added next to the primary O/S disk.

My guess is that it is XP specific because I do not have simmilar problems when I boot using W2K-pro.
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Umm, why did you give me the points if my comment didn't solve the problem?

Almost sounds like either a conflict in BIOS or something of your hardware is going out. Did you try BugEyes solution?



Re: Umm,  I'm new here and selected the wrong option to answer.

I have unplugged the new disk from the EDI chain, and the error message did not appear. Plugging it back in results in the "installer for Volume" instandly.

posted in the wrong question. sorry!


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