Soldier Of Fortune 2 Immediate help needed.

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Complete Product Title: Soldier Of Fortune 2: Double Helix.
Error Message:

Whenever I run the game, I get to play it for only a few seconds,
before the game crashes to my desktop, with the SoF2 console showing the
error: "' *&%*' is an invalid weapon type. The offending pickup is at ( x   y   z ). Be well.".

where, ( x y z) are some co-ordinates. and,  "*&%*" stands for the various weapon types the game has. For eg: Night Goggles, L2A2, etc. Also, I do not have any weapon mods or game mods installed. It's an absoutely fresh installation of the game.

My PC's config.( I extracted this from sysinfo.exe, included on the CD itself.):

Operating System: Windows 98 Version: 4.10.1998  
Processor Type:   Genuine Intel Pentium(R) III, Model 7 or Intel Pentium(R) III Xeon(TM), Model 7 550MHz
Physical Memory:  129488KB
Hard Drive:       C:\ Total Space: 4994MB  Free Space: 1593MB  Cluster Size: 4 KB
CD-ROM Drive:     SAMSUNG CD-ROM SC-152C  
Monitor:          (Standard monitor types) (LG 552V Studioworks)
Display Info:     1024 x 768 16777216 colors, 24-bit
Pointing Device:  Standard Serial Mouse
Network:          Microsoft Dial-Up Adapter
Modem:            Motorola SM56 PCI Speakerphone Modem
Sound Card:       Not Detected
Video Card:       Intel(r) 82810 Graphics Controller   Not Detected MB VRAM
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I have played this game, only once, but I think the problem is with your machine being a Pentium III 550 Mhz. The minimum recommendation must be lower than that, but the machine might not be able to handle the game. Although I see nothing wring with the system config., I think a software problem is a highly probable culprit. Try running the game with no other programs running. Try clearing the system tray. Try another game. SoF is not very interesting anyway (anymore, I mean, after I played it for 8 Hours uninterrupted once)(My view, no arguments please!)

PS - Like your name - domin8r


Clearing the system tray did'nt help either. PS: Most people do.
I think your problem lies with your Intel Graphics Controller - I would guess that it is an onboard piece of dodo and you need a reasonable graphics card - AGP.  Would you be able to get the make of your motherboard please?  I doubt that the processor is the culprit a PIII Xeon is not a slow processor.

dom, try going into the game and setting your resolution to low in options, or it may say graphics quality or something, set everything to low or off.

I do agree that it is quite boring too, lol, but i respect that everyone chooses their own game and loves it.  I would however recommend that you get a game like Half Life which requires a less powerful system and has much better game play + free mods like counter strike and Day of Defeat.

You qualify for Minimum Spec:
Pentium II 300 MHz
TNT 16 MB Graphics Card / Voodoo 3
Max Resolution: 640x480
Detail: Low

But you have No Chance of Middle Spec:
Pentium III 700 MHz
128 MB RAM
GeForce 2 Graphics Card.
Max Resolution: 800x600
Detail: Medium

This is because of your graphics card mainly.

Get back to me when you have your motherboard number or name and good luck.
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Is this a load off of an original cd?

Have you added any mods or anything to it?

This smacks of a software problem within SOFII itself.


Now the official SoF2 support crew tells me to buy a new agp card. Why don't I just buy a new game instead? Or, reinstall Half-Life... The game is w/out any mods btw.
As has been said, you need a new graphics card.
You can pickup a Geforce 2 MX for under £30 (~$45) and I've run SoFII fine with a Duron600/GF2MX combination.
If you're UK-based you could try
otherwise maybe look at this

You could just get a new game, but SoFII is definitely worth playing and there is no guarantee that any other game you get will run with an onboard graphics card, however I have not found a game that WONT run on my Geforce...
GeForce - Definitely the way to go - but if you are going to invest in a new graphics card, make sure you get someone who knows a bit about computers to make sure that there is an AGP slot in your mother board.

good luck
Good point.

Alternatively, if they can simply find out the name of the mainboard I am sure someone here can say if it has an AGP slot or not.
Which is what I said a while back... still waiting ;)

good luck


You see, the game is running, but it crashes randomly during play. So, I don't think it's got something to do with the AGP Accelerator card. If there were a problem with the card, the game wouldn't run at all ( or would it...?). Note: daggoth_666, my motherboard: Intel 810e, and yes it does have an agp accelerator port. I could buy a new card, but what's the use? 6 months on I'd find some game which would make the best 3d card available right now a mockery. Also, recently when the game crashed, it showed me one of those " Windows Illegal Operation " errors. The concerned file was: cgamex.dll. Although I've uninstalled the game now, I'd still like to get this damn problem fixed, just in case I decide to reinstall it sometime in the future. As far as the game is concerned, it's one of the most "meaty & beafy" f.p.s. I've played, and I'm sure that's a debatable point. Although few of the maps do annoy me...
I was running a PIII - 800mhz with integrated graphics.  I bought a game called hitman.  It would run smooth for 15 minutes and then die.  Only thing i could do was reset.  Later i told my dad the integrated graphics card was absolutely crap.  He said, no no, look - it has to be a software problem, there is always a software solution.  So i went out and bought a new motherboard with AGP anyway and a Geforce 2 GTS.  Hitman ran that night until i finished it.  Damn Lee Hong, he took me hours to beat.  Not only that but i ran the game at a much higher resolution, and a better FPS.  Integrated graphics suck, there is nothing else to say.  PCI is the only other way to go if you can't have AGP, but they are more expensive and less powerful( Trust me i had one, bought it for $240AU and sold it later for $100AU, got a Geforce4 instead(AGP)).

Feel my wisdom, after 6 months of being shoved around at computer fairs i now know where i stand.  Don't buy integrated graphics please, anyone, it is a bad - evil thing.

Before i finish up.  Have you actually seen the AGP slot?  I know until i knew what one looked like i thought i had one, because the computer kept telling me my graphics card was AGP, which it wasn't.  Open her up and have a look-see.

I tried looking online and i'm pretty sure your motherboard has an AGP but it is best if you double check and look inside.

If there were a problem with the card, the game wouldn't run at all - Yes, it would.

Bro,don't feel so bad...I have a 10G gaming rig and that game causes me problems!,it runs with WinMe but it does not like XP for the life of it! I'm a hardcore gamer and I know the sys.ini,vcache,reg tweaks and the swapfile be it conservative or static on the slave drive,my FPS with WinMe are 290...not bad for a days tweak but SOF2 and XP just don't get along,it runs for awhile and then crashes or it gets the jitters!Don't ask,everything else works just fine>UT-GOTY,UT2003,QUAKEIIIARENA,RUNE,HALLS OF VALHALLA,4x4EVO2,MAX PAYNE,THE THING,GLOBAL OPERATIONS,SOF and a bunch of others!...I'm waiting for the next patch to see if that helps!
domin8r...this is my RIG's(PC) hardware list,if you are hardcore my man...your gonna weep!

MOTHERBOARD>Asus P4PE>>>Intel 845PE Chipset

CPU>Intel-Pentium-3.06G (Hyper Threading)

CPU-HEATSINK+FAN>Intel (stock)

AGP>Asus V-8460-GeForce4Ti4600 (128DDR Samsung)copper fan

SOUNDBLASTER>Audigy Platinum (5.1 Surround)

MEMORY>Mushkin High-Performance CAS2.2.2 PC2100 DDR(512M)

CD-RW>Liteon 40x12x48 (High Speed ROM)

HDD>2 Maxtor DiamondMax Plus9 60Gigs (7200RPM)

FLOPPY>NEC (generic)

CABLES>Monster PC Cables and no other!

POWER SUPPLY>Antec TruePower 480w

MOUSE>Logitech Optical Mouse

KEYBOARD>Microsoft (generic)

MONITOR>Samsung-SyncMaster-955df (21inch)

SOUND>Klipsch 5.1 Promedia Speaker System (THX SURROUND)

DOLBY DECODER>Klipsch Dolby Digital Decoder (bay Mounted)

TOWER>Lian Li (Aluminum fully cooled)

...what you said about game companies making a mockery out of AGPs ain't gonna happen for the next...I would say,2 years or companies still use Directx8 and can not incorporate code into games that hardware does not suppot dude so your theory is out the vindow!
...AGPs don't even use alot of the game code to start with cause there is no market for that technology yet but it is coming...we now have Directx9 and I know that Nvidia and Microsoft have something going on cause everything is very quiet at Nvidia and Microsoft,I have gotten some inside news but not enough to satisfy me yet!
...have you ever heard of Matrox(they make a host of stuff like AGP cards)2 of my friends work there dude,it is located here in Montreal,Quebec,Canada...these guys are the friend told me that they are working on something but never told me what exactly cause he can't open his yap about it!,just like Nvidia and Microsoft are now doing...everything is real quit these days!...the games to come are gonna blow your mind dude,if you have the HARDWARE to be able to enjoy it so start saving now!

Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix runs fine on my Windows XP Professional operating system, single player and multiplayer.  If you have such a great system SPEEDBREED I would say it is a complete pile of junk since you said you are running Windows ME.  Matrox makes nice graphics cards if you do not need fast frame rates.  The quality of the graphics are amazing but not fast enough for gaming.  I also see no relevance in your last post.  Trying to show off your system seems rather dumb, next time if your such a "hardcore" person, stop making it sound like a sales pitch for some pre-built computer.  And for 10,000$ I would say you were quite ripped off.  I would really love to know what that system scores on 3D Mark.  Post a score up at please.  My recommendations if you really want to top notch system:  
-Hard drives need a RAID controller. RAID 0+1 would be suitable for gaming purposes.
-Use WD Caviar hard drives with 8MB cache or 10000-15000 rpm hard drives with 8MB cache (Seagate makes some nice ones)
-Invest in a real cooling system, IE - water cooling works amazingly well.
-Upgrade to at least 1 GB ram.
-Nothing is more precise than dual optical mice (Logitech's works very well)
-Suped up Keyboards make life easier :)

If you perform the following upgrades I think you will have one of the top of the line gaming rigs (also consider Radeon 9700 pro and AMD processor... but some people choose companies they like and wouldn't dare leave them...).

domin8r: I suggest you get the latest patch for SoF2 and any patches/driver updates for your hardware/OS.  If this does not help your hardware is probably no sufficient to run the game properly.  Minimum requirement means it will run, not run well.  

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