doesn't print from MS

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what could be wrong if a printer prints a good test page, the ink is fine BUT it doesn't print neighter from Internet Explorer nor Microsoft Office!
i even uninstalled and reinstalled it.
yah and one more thing, it does print from the notepad!!
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What is the error you are getting?
If it prints from Notepad, but not the other programs, it is most likely an older, text-based printer.
Text-based printing is when the computer simply sends raw text to the printer. Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office do something different. They turn the text into sort of an image that is sent to the printer, so that the text in the printout will look exactly like the text on the screen.

Please tell me what kind of printer you have...
If it is an old, clunky one then what I said above is most likely the problem.

Hope this helps!
If this is a new printer have you set it as the default printer? If not go into start/controlpanel/doubleclickprinters/doubleclickprnterconcerned/printer/select'setasdefault'. A tick beside the 'Set as default' should then be visible.

This will select that printer as the default printer and should be automatically selected by all windows software from that moment onwards.

Hope this helps


i'm not getting any error
the printer is not old
it's Xerox but i don't know which version. it's around me now!
i guess it's already set as default, i'll check and get back to you, guys.
wait for my response ;)
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the printer is not old, i'm sure
it's Xerox but don't know which version.
it ain't around me at the moment!
it's not giving me any error msg! that's the weiredest part!

Have you gone into File/PageSetup in each of the applications and set the default printer for each app.? If not you may need to do that as well. For example if you have created a letter some while ago and printed it using a different printer, when you open up that letter it will have saved the fact that it was printed with that old printer! Frustrating or something but it is easily overcome by specifying the new printer and saving the letter again. From then on it will print automatically from the new printer.

Hope that helps a bit more.


I will try that but i just wante you to know, NO other printer was previously installed on this pc i'm 100% sure.
yet i'll still do what u told me and get back 2 u.

The printer test page you speak of is not issued by your operating system or any applications, it comes from the printer itself and is therefore no indication that your connection is working OR that it is properly configured.

If it prints from Notepad, then it is doing so according to the printer's default settings (See Start | Settings | Printers | Right Click on yours, and select "Properties". One or more of the tabs will hold your preferred settings).

It is obviously set as the default printer, or NotePad wouldn't print to it because the "Print" instruction for .txt files is very simple "C:\WINDOWS\NOTEPAD.EXE /p", which means "send to the default printer".

You should try where possible to have your default printer settings such that they are universally acceptable for most, if not all, your applications such as Word and Internet Explorer. This way you don't have to make any adjustments to each of the print settings in each different application.

In Word, access "Tools | Options | Print", and make sure that the "Default Tray" says "Use Printer Settings".

Your print options in Internet Explorer are limited (in my version) to "Auto Sheet Feeder" in the File | Page Setup option.

Each different file type has its own unique command strings for sending something to print.  You will see this if you follow these options exactly without changing anything. Just use the "Cancel" button to escape from each window without altering anything:

Windows Explorer > View > Folder Options > File Types
Scroll to "Microsoft Word Document" > click to highlight it
Click the "Edit" button
Click on the "Print" command and then click the "Edit" button again
You will see some pretty weird DDE instructions etc, which you wouldn't even want to start editing by hand, so just "Cancel" to close that window.

On the page before it, which has several commands such as New, Open, Print and printto, you will see a button which says "Set Default". Click on it and any corrupted or altered settings will be restored to the default settings for that application to print through Windows.

Click OK repeatedly to close all dialogue boxes, close all applications, and reboot to ensure the changes are set fully. Ensure that your printer is still set as "Default" and try again.

Do the same with the "Print" and "printto" settings for the file type shown as "Internet Document (HTML)". You should be aware that this will also restore the default settings for which document opens a web page ie. Netscape, IE etc, and whether it opens Maximised or Minimised etc. but this won't be too much hassle to reset yourself.

If these actions fail, then I'm stumped without seeing your PC/Printer setup physically.

Does anyone know if there is any differentiation made with the CMOS setting for the LPT1 printer port which would work with NotePad, but not any of the Office applications? The cable's obviously plugged in and able to receive a "Ready" flag back from the printer, but perhaps NotePad can use Parallel whereas Office documents may need Bi-Directional, EPP, or ECP. Just a thought.

Let us know if this works.


thX alot
i read your comment and i understood it completely but i had to leave the problem to someone else to fix it, so i handed your comment to them!
thX alooooooooot
Pleasure to be of some help almaha, and sorry it took so long for ME to get back to you to thank YOU.

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