Join domains with XP home?

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I know XP home does not have GUI tools to configure to be able to join a domain, but is there a CLI tool, or a reg hack?

I heard some people mention it can be done, but how?
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Unfortunately tart, not only will XP Home prevent you from joing a domain, but there are also components missing that simply cannot be installed.

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You cannot it.  Even if it is TECHNICALLY doable (something I haven't heard anybody succeed at) it would be a violation of the license agreement.  The same way upgrading an NT workstation to server would be.

sorry, you gotta cough up the extra money.
Not sure about it violating the EULA or not. Anyway here are a few things to look at.

Step by step quide.
XP Home Edition can not permanently logon to the network.
You have to login every time to have access to computers or severs within the domain.

Windows XP in a Domain Environment

How to Change a Computer Name or Join a Domain in Windows XP;en-us;q295017
NOTE: Home Edition is not designed to join domains; only workgroups. To join domains, use Professional version or above.

However this link says using Xteq X-Setup will fix this. Don't know if it does or not. Kind of doubt it but this utility is worth having even if it doesn't work getting Home to join a domain

Windows XP Home cannot join a domain, or can it?
Normally, Windows XP Home Edition cannot join network domains, simply peer-to-peer workgroups. However, there is a fix which can solve the problem and allow WinXP Home Edition to join a domain. Microsoft wanted to cripple Windows XP Home Edition so that it could not be used on domains, which would force many to upgrade to the more expensive Windows XP Professional Edition simply to join a network domain. However, it -is- possible to get on a domain using Windows XP Home Edition.

This can also be accomplished with the free and widely available Xteq X-Setup 6.1 by navigating to the "Network \ Auto Login \ Windows NT/2K/XP \ Settings" option within X-Setup. Simply enter the appropriate information and click "Apply Changes" - upon your next reboot, you can then join domains with WinXP Home Edition. Problem solved. X-Setup includes many other useful Windows XP tweaks / hacks / etc. for Windows XP as well, all free for personal use.

Download  Xteq X-Setup 6.1 here 

The Crazy One
I don't believe it!
You can always setup a local vpn connection to the domain using active directory authentication. make sure the user in active directory has dialup privileges. first you create a vpn server within windows server. create a vpn connection while on the local network from the xp home machine using your user created for you within AD. you will then "dial" into the server using active directory authentication. that should give you access without constantly having to authenticate. keep in mind as soon as you close the vpn connection you will lose domain privileges.

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