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For every user that we have logged on to a 2k machine we need to setup the printer each time.  WE can add the essentail programs that, that area needs to the all users desktop so they have them.  But how can you setup a published printer for all users, so eahc user doesnt need to be setup.
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Well they only need to do it once so when we rolled out W2K at one site we just showed users how to select a different printer.... we also gave them a link to http://server/printers in I.E. they could select from and sent out UNC links to anyone having problems "Just click here and say Yes to installing the printer..." \\server\printername.

Alternatively you can run START \\clusterserver\printername from a logon script etc. and create a flag on the user's home drive to say it has been installed, e.g.:

if exist H:\printers.installed goto skipPrinters
  echo Installing printers, please select Yes to each.
  start \\server\printer1
  start \\server\printer2

There are also VB scripts that will do it more elegantly.

I presume the printer isn't disappearing each time (in which case profiles are not being saved?).


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