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How to using 2 video cards in the same time ? 1 AGP and 1 PCI ... it means 2 video cards process same output on 1 monitor ... to get a better performance and graphics ... (i'm using RivaTNT2(AGP) and Geforce2MX400(PCI) .. i've successfully installed both cards driver)... thanks for helping ..
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gets a little tricker when you try to set up three monitors with 2 cards as i hope to do in the near future
If you're literally asking how you can get the output of two different graphics cards to appear on the SAME monitor, it simply isn't possible. Why would you want to do this anyway? I'm sure there are simpler and easier ways of doing whatever it is you want to do.
Youre trying to use two cards, to double the performance, on one monitor? I dont think it can be done.

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