how do I setup XP to run chkdsk /f at boot?

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If I run chkdsk /f at the command prompt it finds problems but can't fix them because it can't lock the drive. I tell it to run at boot time but XP runs autochk not chkdsk at boot time. How can I setup the system to run chkdsk with the /f option at boot,(not at login). The scheduler doesn't work. It is a 11.7 Gig, FAT32 partition. Is there a way to create a boot disk to do this that will recognize the FAT32 partition?
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autochk is chkdsk. When the system boots and chkdsk runs it actually runs autochk.

The Crazy One

In other words they are the same thing it just one runs outside of Windows, autochk and the other runs in Windows, chkdsk.
AUTOCHK is chkdsk when chkdsk is not being run while in windows.;en-us;314835

"If you run CHKDSK online, the code that actually performs the verification resides in utility DLLs, for example Untfs.dll and Ufat.dll. The verification routines that CHKDSK invokes are the same routines that run when a volume is verified through the Windows Explorer or Disk Management graphical user interface.

However, if CHKDSK is scheduled to run when the computer restarts, the binary module that contains the verification code is Autochk.exe, a native Windows program. Because Autochk.exe runs early in the computer's startup sequence, Autochk.exe does not have the benefit of virtual memory or of other Win32 services.

Autochk.exe generates the same kind of text output that the Chkdsk.exe utility DLLs generate. Autochk.exe displays this text output during the startup process and also logs an event in the application event log. The logged event information includes as much of the text output as can fit into the event log's data buffer.

Because both Autochk.exe and the verification code in the Chkdsk.exe utility DLLs are based on the same source code, the rest of this article uses the term "CHKDSK" to refer generically to either Autochk.exe or Chkdsk.exe. Likewise, because this article concerns only those CHKDSK changes that involve NTFS volumes, any statement that "CHKDSK does such-and-such" means that "CHKDSK does such-and-such when CHKDSK runs on an NTFS volume." " 
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If autochk is the same as chkdsk I still need to know how to run it with the /f option.
Just like you did

Start > Run chkdsk /f

When you get this message

Chkdsk cannot run because the volume is in use by another
process.  Would you like to schedule this volume to be
checked the next time the system restarts? (Y/N)

hit the Y key and then hit the enter key and then reboot.

Are you basically saying that CHKDSK finds errors but AUTOCHK doesn't? I had this problem myself, and I eventually traced it to a faulty RAM module--what was happening was that CHKDSK running under Windows was using a lot more RAM than AUTOCHK does, so it was spuriously finding errors due to RAM corruption.
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