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I am new to this, so bear with me.  I tried everything in the help section as well as the books Microsoft sent with these computers, but it doesnt work.  Help!  I am running a w95 and wME.  All I ge is the message 'unable to browse the network...'  Somehimes I get to see my icon in the 'entire neighborhood' but not the other one.  Sometimes, it doesnt show up at all.  Help please!
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if you are accessing the nt from the system which you want to ceonnect the other computer,, it means that you have already the lan port in that,, chek the same with the other computer,,, to access the internet from both the computer connect to a hub,,
1. modem cable to one sytem,,
2.from computer to one more cable to hub and the one cable from hub to the other computer.
this makes you to share the computer and to access the internet from both the computers.

hope it would help you,,

I have two opinion,

are you logon with administrator or other user?

are you running NT?
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I am going from one computer to another.  Iam running w95 on one and wME on the other.  Do I have to enable the NT  section in the networking setup?  As you can see, I have no idea on what to do.  I have a cable that came with my card that plugs in from that to my other card on the other computer.  Am I missing something?  I hear of the same protocals, but I think have them

Do u set the IP address? The IP address should be different. And then identify the computers.

If you want to share the internet access, set the proxy.
On each computer do this:
1. Properties of My Computer, Network Identification, Workgroup: MSHOME (or anything, but this'll have to be on all the comptuers on the network)

2. Properites of Network Neighborhood, properties of your LAN connection(install and check off File and Print Sharing), Properites of TCP/IP:
IP: (for each computer, change the "20" to a different number
Subnet Mask:
Gateway leave alone unless you're using a router, if you are, then it probably is
DNS leave alone, you shouldn't need that either.

Make sure you're shareing drives:
in My Computer, right click each drive you want you share on the network and go to Sharing, and click shared as, you should be able to know the rest.

Then after that you should be done! Hope this helps ya cause that would suck for me to type this and it be a waste, heh.

If your connecting one computer directly to another, and it doesn't show that anything is plugged in, which it should, then the cable that you're using is a "straight through" cable, you need a "crossover cable" this crosses the trasmit with receive this way the computer on the other end gets the information in the right wire, it the entire cable.  To get a crossover cable you would have to go to the store and just ask for a crossover cable of whatever length you need.  I accually make them myself but you're better off just buying one.
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