Modem not recognized after reinstalling WIn98SE

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After reinstalling Win98SE in my Compaq Presario 5070, I found 2 problems:
1- the modem is not recognized (not present in the device manager list), and
2- upon installing AOL 6.0, the installer complains that the color settings should be at least 256. According to the Display icon in the Control panel, I only have 2 options: 2 and 16 colors.

I downloaded the only driver available at the HP-Compaq site for Presario 5070 models (Presario Conexant HCF V.90 56K PCI Modem Drivers) but it doesn't work. In fact, my modem is an ITU v90 56K according to my manufacturer. Do I need a different driver for this modem? Where can i get it?
Same problem with the video card. I ran the driver available for video at the compaq website with no success either.

Any ideas? Thanks,
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Ned_LeBStructural/Functional Test Engineer

ITU stands for International Telecommunication Union.  This is not the make of your modem.  Conexant sounds good.  Since you modem is not detected we can't be sure.

Try this:

Remove all installed drivers you have for that modem.  Then physically remove the modem from the PC.  Boot it up and install the driver.  Shut down and put the modem back in the PC and if windows does not detect it run the ADD NEW HARDWARE program in you control panel.

Let me know what happens.

You can find information on modems at

The reason you can't use those colors is that you are running in standard Windows VGA mode. You need to load the driver for your video card and you will have a lot more options. Also, when I am in doubt about a modem, try several Lucent drivers. Usually I find one.
Dale MaySecurity

I had been running 256 colors, but decided to see what 16 colors would look like.  Looks just fine. Dale
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Ned LeB:

OK, I opened the case and the modem is the M1-5614PM3 from CIS Technology. Actually, it is recognized as a PCI Serial Controller with a ? icon in the device manager. I know this is the modem because this PCI device dissapears upon removing the modem physically.

I got 2 drivers (HCFROCK.EXE and another contained in at I asked for driver installation from E:\  but still, "no drivers are found". After removing the modem, boot, re-insert the card and reboot once again, Windows doesn't notice any new hardware (!!!) although the ? PCI device reappears in the device manager. No drivers are associated with it in "properties".

I wonder if I have a motherboard problem. The motherboard has no driver installed either. Is this normal? How to find this out?

Ned_LeBStructural/Functional Test Engineer
If it is detected it is a good thing.  Not the problem seem to be the driver installation.

1. Extract the M1-56143PM3 to a folder (remember where)
2. Double click on the PCI Serial Controller with a ?
3. Click on the driver tab
4. Click on update driver
5. Click on have disk and redirect it to were you extracted the file.
6. It should be looking for and INF file.

Note: I ma be off a bit because I am telling you these steps from memory.

Let me know if you need the exact steps and I get on a Win98 machine to refresh my memory.

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