Making a MFC app look like a Web Page

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Alright, here's the problem that I can't seem to grasp an answer for --

I need to create an application in MFC that acts and looks like a web page but doesn't actually connect to the internet (not look like a dialog-based app but web page).  It needs to have several frames - header, links, and main page.  I started the app using html dialog but have since run into several problems --  1) do I have to write scripts for variables and buttons? 2) I have a problem linking the frames together unless I hard-code the location for each frame (which obviously won't work)

So does anyone have an idea for a solution?  There must be an easier way of achieving this "web like" look.
Thanks in advance!
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codeguru has a sample. look in the internet section and look for "how to set connection points in MFC" or similar
Why not use the IE as a control in your Application's main window, it doesn't need to connect to the internet. You can control content and things from you application then.

As i have only done this in VB lately, i can imagine that may be more of a hassle in C/C++ but the underlying concept is all the same.

Hope it helps...

 Take a look a MSHTML.Ocx. Create a Dialog Based MFC App that has no toolbar, statusbar or menu. Add the MSHTML Control to the dialog resource. Handle WM_SIZE and size the control to fill the dialog window. This should do it.

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