geforce4 open gl flickering

1cell used Ask the Experts™
abit bx6 rev2, intel piii600 at 133Mhz fsb
512mb pc133 ram
two nics
soundblaster pci 512
msi geforce 4 mx440 dual head (64mb)
couple of ibm hdd's
and a burner

on games like EA Sports NHL 2002, there are textured backgrounds that flicker in and out from black.

the windows screen saver, 3dmaze (opengl), is very slow

I have:

-tried multiple drivers from msi and nvidia
-uninstalled and reinstalled directx
-uninstalled and reinstalled games
-brought fsb back to 100mhz (chipset is actually overclocked at 133mhz)

nothing seems to work.  

this all started after a reload.  there were no problems before reinstalling windows.  i assume this to be some funky direct x issue but i have been unable to resolve it.

comments only please.
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What OS?


sorry, windows 2000 pro
I'm using 2k and a ti4400. Most will tell you 2000 was never meant to be a gaming system. While I usually have no problems running any game in 2000, I still run into the occasional game that just doesn't like it. Kingpin is one I know of that does this.

For the most part, we're using the same system as I'm running a P3-600 @ 800 with 256MB of ram.

I wouldventure to say it's just game incompatibilities with Win2K.

By the look of the product specs, they do support 2000 as an OS. I looked on EA's support site and there weren't any suggestions except for "make sure you have a suported card and have the most up to date drivers." Lot of help, eh?

Try fully uninstalling the video drivers and rebooting. Reinstall the, reboot again, and then try it out. Hit nVidia for the 41.09 drivers. Working like a champ with DirectX 9 here.

If all else fails, call EA.
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this is not just NHL doing it.  There's a few games.

I have been uninstalling and reinstalling vid drivers and direct-x all night.  i'm pretty sure it's a direct-x issue.  at one point I uninstalled direct x and then reinstalled version 7.  once i reinstalled 8.1 after that, things got better.  I also noticed that the open gl screen saver is no longer slow if I disable the second monitor.

key note:
this all worked flawlessly before the rebuild.  it has to be a driver or something.

at this point, i am not confident in my direct-x uninstaller.  it errors out on me after reboot and i'm not sure it's actually removing everything.  i think, if that could be done, i would probably be back on track.  most of the uninstallers i've found aren't for such recent versions of directx.
key note:
this all worked flawlessly before the rebuild.  it has to be a driver or something.

What all did you rebuild?


probably bad terminology.   here's what i did.

1) copied all data from old 12gb to new 60gb
2) removed old 6gb system drive and replaced with old 10gb
3) reloaded everything clean but kept data.  all of these drivers are the same as I installed with previously.
Maybe it could be a DirectX fubar. I know from past experience that DX doenot like to be uninstalled or downgraded.

Maybe another reinstall would be in order...


MSI support is useless.

I'm still stuck on this one.  I will not reload everything again.  There must be another solution.

I guess what I need to do is remove all video, sound, and direct-x completely and for sure.

i'll give the points to anybody who can give me a direct-x uninstaller that successfully removes directx 8.1 from win2k pro.

and of course to anyone who can solve this friggin paradox.

if I don't get it solved soon, I will be deleting this question.  I need my points for programming help!
hi 1cell   long time no see...youv'e prob tried all this but a search turned this up,48763,.asp

notice one of those mentions this   but a google search didn't turn it up  dxb2ob3e.exe    maybe try fileferret

you dont suppose the overclocking thingy has anything to do with your problem  ? just a guess

look in the bios of the system.

if the mobo is award, it will give options for
*trying to remember this without aid of a reference*

in chipset features (or bios features)

memory read + write. or read around write.

there is also another option below that, but in win2k, specially in older machines, these options can greatly improve performance.

i'd check and change bios settings first.

also increase the agp aperture to 64M if it isnt already
and enable a few of the video features.

remember to always be careful when playin with the bios though.

remember what you did so you can put it back if it screws up.

i have used an Award bios here as an example because its present on most of my machines.

for yourself the bios may be different, but i'd look in the bios for a solution first.

dx8.1 and your cpu and your card should be fine in win2k.



thanks trekie, i'll try those.  also, that link had some good info.  remove direct x from safe mode where it's not being used at all.  i've been removing from normal mode so that may be an issue.

nighthawk, i appreciate the feedback but dx8.1 is definately not fine on this installation and nothing has changed in the BIOS.  this started after a clean install.


trekie1, my friend, you are well on your way to another answered question.  i was finally able to successfully remove direct x 8.1, went back to 7 and everything looks good.  i didn't even remove video or anything else.  i'm gonna install the new dx9 right now and i'll probably be back to finally close this question a situation that has been annoying me for the past few months.


directx buster did the trick.  thanks for the help!

thanks     glad it worked for you            James

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