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I have partially recovered a crashed system.

ALL files and data are fine.

I have a backup of the registry, 3 days prior to crash.

My Win2k registry is bare due to a reinstall of win2k.

If I try to load the registry b/u with regedit, either when running W2k or in Console Repair, I get access errors, then reboot and then bluescreen, having me to reinstall W2k aghain.

How can I put back at least the parts of the registry so that all my applications will work again as before?

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I presume that you've looked and folled this?:


Assuming your backup was taken with msbackup, just restore your system state data on your cleanly installed system.

The method posted by pjedmond is for recovering a unbootable system.

How did you backup the registry? Did you do an export that created a .reg file? If so just double click on the .reg file.

Or did you backup the actual files that make up the registry?


If so then just copy them over using the Copy command in the Recovery Console.

Now when you say reinstalled do you mean from a fresh install that formatted the drive. If so then I don't think you will be successful.
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I had backed up the files by copying files as they changed to another hard drive.
I had backed the registry by doing an export.
The exported registry was also backed up via the file backup.

I will review the method posted by pjedmond to see if it applies to me.
Thanks to both of you for replying, Ill know more by tomorrow.
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...but it also works if the system is bootable as well....:)


to CrazyOne,

I backed up the registry with an export to a .reg file.
But when I click onthe .reg file I get access errors.
Subsequently rebooting blue screens, leading me to think the apparent partial registry restore by clicking the .reg file left the Pc in an inconsistent state.   Ive recently (30 mins) read about changing permissions in the registry.  I will be looking into granting all to avoid accesstrouble and try again 2nite.

The reinstall was a recovery install, no formatting.

It not registry permissions preventing you replacing your reg files, it's the fact that the files are in use.

Use the method pjedmond gave you.

I would strongly recommend using msbackup to back up and restore the system state next time, as msbackup does the right thing and makes the job much easier.

About the only thing that should cause the access errors is that you part of what it is importing may be the ControlSet or registry permissions are locked down. Other then that running are .reg file should work and this should have nothing to do with that the files are in use other then the importing the settings to the ControlSet hive.


I'm impressed with the outpouring of knowledge from all of you.  
Since I do have my entire disc backed up, then I must also have C:\WINNT\system32\config\ and the individual hives backed up, so this also presents an option using your above suggestions to recover.  Hopefully tomorrow you will see a post from me reporting success, then my problem will be to figure out how to give all 75 points to each of you (Im new to this site).

Yeah if you still have the disk then try using the Recovery Console to copy over those files.

If you are going to this directly off the old disk then you will need to set a couple of policies to allow you access to that drive.

Set an Automatic Administrator Logon for the Recovery Console
Control Panel >  Administrative > Local Security Policy.
Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options. Locate the "Recovery Console: Allow automatic administrative logon" policy. Double-click this policy, and then set it to "Enable".

or edit the registry
"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Setup\RecoveryConsole
SecurityLevel (DWORD) 1 = no password, 0 = ask for pass

Access To All Drives And Folders policy
Control Panel >  Administrative > Local Security Policy.
Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options. Locate the "Recovery Console: Allow Floppy Copy And Access To All Drives And Folders" policy. Double-click this policy, and then set it to "Enable".

or edit the registry
"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Setup\RecoveryConsole
SetCommand (DWORD) 1 = allow floppy copy etc, 0 = restrict some file

Then run this command

SET AllowAllPaths = TRUE
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If you don't have it fixed yet, do this:

Reinstall Win2k into C:\WINNTREC instead of C:\WINNT
Reboot as appropriate
Restore registry hives from backup to C:\WINNT\system32\config
Modify boot.ini and name instances appropriately, add instances to point to C:\WINNT as needed.

Try booting to C:\WINNT instance of W2k



About 95% recovered.
Still bumped into road blocks here and there but most all the info offered was usefull.  The remaining 5% will be done with reinstalls of differnet packages.

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