Open MSWord from VB for mail merge

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I want to open MSWORD document from VB. I have some address in database. These should come as mail merge in the same document. How can I do that. Please help me.

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In Project References, tick "Microsoft Word Object Library..."

Have a database set up, have a word document set up to mail merge with the database.

Now within VB:

Dim objWord As New Word.Application

objWord.Documents.Open p   'p is Word file
objWord.Documents.Application.PrintOut (False)
Loop Until objWord.BackgroundPrintingStatus = 0
objWord.Quit (wdDoNotSaveChanges)

Hope this helps


I want to create new ms word file and new mail merge data based on the data which is available in vb form. Can you help me please.
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Hi harisri,
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I had put this query in this about 6 months back. i have solved this and implemented the project also. Anyway I am greateful to u for showing the courtesy.

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