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I had a dual boot system with linux and win95. I removed linux partition by using fdisk and then did fdisk /mbr to remove lilo. I had allocated 3 Gb space to linux. Now when I restarted my computer the 3 Gb space just disappeared. What should I do to get that 3 Gb space in win95.
I can't even see the 3 Gb partition in linux. Linux fdisk just shows me my primary DOS and extended DOS partition.
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Well, you need to partition the space before you can "see" or use it...
Use Linux fdisk to partition the 3gb as a dos or fat16 type in order for msdos fdisk to "see" it and partition it with fat32

I still belive that the partion still exist. Maybe you did remove the logical but the extended remains. Remove it with delpart.exe (a msdos util). Download it from here.


psimation: I never thougt that this could be it. Sure you are right here. amulex82: do as psimation says and create a partition.

... or remove the extended partition. DOS fdisk should be able to see the freespace then.

Chances are that it could actually create an extended partition already, but not a primary partition, since all free space is tied up in the extended partition (still unallocated though).

But doing as psimation says should clear things up too.

-- Glenn

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