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today i installed a deskjet 660c on a computer with win 2000. installation was successfull. butt when i tried to print the printer just showed blank pages. a testsite was ok. ???????  any suggestions???
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What are your trying to print? Image or text?
Do you have precisely the correct printer driver for Win2000 and your deskjet 660c printer? If not try the HP site at:

From this site you will be able to down load the printer drivers. It is worth downloading the full CDROM's worth (if that is on offer) as it will give you all that you need and more. With a broadband link the CDROM will take a while to download so if you don't have a DSL link I suggest you find a friend who has and who also has a CDROM burner.

If you have already loaded a printer driver that was not correct un-install the printer/driver before attempting to re-install the correct driver. Also do make sure you follow the printer installation instruction as some printers demand the printer is switched on and others switched off. Brother for example on some of its printers they instruct one not to even attach the printer until the driver is installed!

Hope this helps.


To bassfishermannj i tried to print a word or notepad file just text

to patrickab thats what i first tried but hp tells on their page that all necessary drivers are included in win 2000. the strange thing is, that the printer is installed correctly (i think so) and the test page is printed, but when i try to print a document, the printer head moves like printing, but without ink, so i get empty pages.
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The test page is usually generated by the printer's onboard info. and is independant of the printer driver. You can test this on some printers by disconnecting it from the pc and initiating the test page. On some printers it still works. Or try it when the pc is switched off and you should see what I mean.

So if it works but is not responding to software then there are a number of possibilities to consider:

* the printer is not correctly attached to the pc
* the printer driver is not correct or not correctly installed. Is it possible you selected the wrong printer driver when installing it?
* the printer has not been selected in the application software
* does it help if the printer is set as the default printer
* has the printer been set with the correct default paper size and page size in the application software.

To set the defaults in the printer access by start/controlpanel/printers/rightclickspecificprinter/printingpreferences

To set the printer as default access by start/controlpanel/printers/rightclickspecificprinter/setasdefault

Hope this helps


to patrickab

No sorry, i tried everything you suggested, but same thing as before.

The printer is connected and is responding. I use the usual win 2000 printer driver for the hp deskjet 660c (couldn´t find an other one). it is set as my default printer etc.:
the real strange thing is that, the printer seems to print (sound time paper feed), but is producing blank pages.

still hoping for help


ah another thing is that i do not have a appropriate printer software for win 2000.
could this be my problem?
i thought the printer should work without.
Check your bios Printer Port option, and your printer cable. Make sure you have a good cable (a Belkin brand perhaps), and make sure you try the printer port on Standard, BiDirectional, and ECP modes. If you are still not able to print. Look on your HDD For a file named, "DESKJETC.INI", or "HPDJ6C.INI", You can run a search for HP*.INI in windows. Edit the INI file and change the CableTest: 0200 line to CableTest: 0100

Retest the printer. If that doesnt work, let us know via the EE posting.

uninstall the printer driver.
start your computer with the priner off and disconnected from the pritner.
When fully loaded to the desktop, connect and turn on the pritner.
re install the appropriate driver for your printer.
set as default. (use the drivers on the w2k cd.)
try to print one page from each:
a web site.

Does it print from any spot?
Yes you need the proper software for the printer under 200  you need  the drivers for 2000 not 98 or ME
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