How much binary data can be stored in a registry key value?

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How much binary data can be stored in a registry key value?

I have a Microsoft object (regobj.dll) that allows me to easily manipulate the registry.

I can use it to store binary data as a key value. But what is the limitation on the size of binary data for each key?
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The maximum size for any single Registry value entry is 1MB
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mAmitaiSoftware developper

Whay do you want to do that?
What are you trying to do? There may be a better or differnt way to accomplish your task.

I would suggest not storing that much data in the registry. Instead store the data in a file and store the location of the file in the registry.


Hey ventond - you almost quoted 'the book' word for word!  The link that mcainz2 gave states:

"Generally, data consisting of more than one or two kilobytes (K) should be stored as a file and referred to by using a key in the registry rather than being stored as a value." ;-)

Actually I expect my data to exceed no more than 1K - so I think it is OK.

From the links that mccainz2 gave we can say:

"NT-Server 4.0 the maximum Registry value entry is 1MB."

I have just had a look at the win95rk.hlp - the Win95 Help Guide that comes on the Win95 CD. And it states:

"A value entry has three parts: the data type of the value (which appears as an icon), the name of the value, and the value itself. A value entry cannot be larger than about 64K."

So for Win95 the maximum size of a value is 64K. And it would be SAFE to assume that this same size limit applies to Win98 and ME.

I don't know definately what the limitations are for:

But if I stick to the limit of 64K then I will be OK. And anyway my data is not expected to exceed more than 1K.

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