GroupWise - printing multiple attachments from multiple emails

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We're using GroupWise

One can select multiple messages (using CTRL), and then right click on one of them, and click Print, and the Print dialog will come up.

When we then select multiple attachments (not necessarily consecutively, also by using CTRL), only the first prints, and we are prompted once again to click OK for the next, and then prompted again for an OK for the third, etc.

Is there any way to print all of the selected attachments without being prompted each time???

If this is addressed in an update/patch to GroupWise, please reference the TID, as I couldn't find it on

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it used to be that pre SP5 for GroupWise 5.5 EP1, what you wanted is exactly what happened, it would prompt once and then continue on without a second prompt.

however, since SP5, it prompts for every message.


After further checking I discovered that, unfortunately, you're correct DS.

Hopefully Novell takes care of this in later upgrades!

Thanks much,


they did - it's fixed in GroupWise 6 (at least with SP1 installed).

GroupWise 5.5EP1 Service Pack 5 will be the last Service Pack for GW5.5EP1 - there will be other patches, but no more service packs.

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