D:\ Is not accessible The device is not ready, retry/cancel?HELP!!!

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My DVD/CD Rom drive has stopped reading discs. One minute it seems ok, but the next day i cant access any cd's ... The message that always comes up when i double click on the D drive in "My Computer " is :  D:\ is not accessible The device is not ready, retry/cancel?

I have tried cleaning it with those lens cleaners, and checked the info in the device manager etc. but still im having no luck. Im running windows 98SE as i always have. I havent recently installed anything so why has this happened?? Im quite a novice and not all that clued up on pc's..
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If it is showing up fine in device manager but not working you probably need to replace it.  Everything dies, and some things die quicker than others.
there is a free package you can download that will do burn in tests but im sory but i just cant remember what exactly it will do for cd roms.  i may be totally off and it may only benchmark cdroms.  anyway the link is here http://download.com.com/3000-2086-10132058.html?tag=list and it is just over 2Mb.

when you say "One minute it seems ok, but the next day i cant access any cd's ... "  to me it sounds like it is intermittent but thinking about it you may mean yesterday it worked now it doesnt.  which one is it?

I'd say its dying. But don't do anything drastic yet. Maybe be something else. If your PC iso ld chances are pretty high. Everything eventuially dies out. Otherwise if its still in warranty it may be defective. Just go to your manufacturer an demand a replacement.

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Try connecting the unit to a different IDE cable if your system supports two IDE ports. At least you'd discard a bad connection.

Try booting to boot disk if it works or not that will tell you. www.bootdisk.com/

Check the BIOS. I think that your BIOS is not detecting your hd. Go to the CMOS setup from the BIOS menu and see if D drive was detected. If not, detect it yourself and restart the computer.
How to detect the drive yourself? Go to the second drive from above and either press enter or the '-' sign to detect your hd.
Good luck.


Thanks, it didnt solve the problem but it did lead me to a decent package which i now use regularly.

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