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1. How can I design professional looking GUIs? There must be some rules to follow (i.e. that the Exit menu should be under the File menu, and that it should be accessible by clicking ALT+F+X). I would like to make it aethetically pleasing also. Tips and tutorial would be greatly appreciated.

2. Can I create a C++ program and have my VB program use it? For example, can I create a class in C++ or an executable that VB can access?

Both questions refer to VB 6.
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1. Mircrosoft has published standards that you need to do in order to get Windows compliant. This is a start.

2. Yes, VB can use DLL's and classes created in C++. Be careful how you pass strings and you should be okay. Most of the API and DLL's today are written in C++ and VB has no problem using them.


1. Where is this document you talk about?

2. I'm not sure how to create a DLL. Got tutorial? How do I use classes and VB together?
Can't really help you to create a DLL in C. I'm a VB programmer. I could help you create a DLL in VB but that wouldn't be part of the problem. I suspect that when you start Visual C there is an option that asks what type of project you want to create? You probably want to choose ActiveX DLL. Create a bunch of stuff and compile to a DLL.

In VB look up the word "Declare". That is how you tell VB that a Sub/Function is located in a DLL and how to connect the 2 together.

Lets say you create a Sub called MySub in a DLL call MyDLL.DLL. Your "hook" in VB would look like:

Public Declare Sub MySubinVB Lib "MyDLL.DLL" Alias "MySub" ()

Any pararmeters would be in the parens. Note that the Alias claus is the name inside the DLL. The MySubinVB is the name you want to reference it by in your program.

I went to and searched for "Designed for Windows" and got a bunch of information about how to get a logo and what they consider a good application. There is also a download that has more info.

The second link has a link to the download. Browse the links. Most of what was there was things about install and playing nice with other apps. I suspect the download contains info about how to format your menus and captions etc.
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The second link provides very little regarding GUI design. I will try searching Microsoft myself again.
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