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Hi all,

I try to send large data zip files over a 2Mb Point to Point Lease Line(Fiber Link). when trying to upload 1.6GB one single zip file over this line, i got error, Connection reset by Peer. I use WS FTP LE, even i tried using DOS based FTP.EXE also but same error.The error occurs only with large files,i can send and receive small files(100MB or 200MB or 300MB) without any problem,

SERVER Using IIS FTP(NT Option Pack 4.0)/Tried on Win 2K IIS FTP. CLIENT tried on WSFTP,Dos based FTP.exe,Cuteftp.

Scenario: FTP Server--->Cicso 2610 Router ---->Cisco Router---->FTP Server
No firewalls, No ACLs nothing, simple routing.

Tried on: 1.Using both PASSive Mode and Active Mode,
2.Sending data on Binary format,
3.no routing problems(can send smaller size data files).
4.Tried on Differnet Server, Lease Line is ok.
5. Router to Router ping rate success:100/100
6. FTP Server to FTP ping rate success:(100%)
7. tried on changing MTU size,
    i) MTU size changed to 1600 on both routers,and    
       servers also.
    ii)using MTU size 1500 on all devices.

Observation: When i send the 1.6GB ZIp file ping rate between ftp to ftp is intermittent ie. 4 or 6 replys 1 or 2 timeout,8 or 10 replys 2 or 3 timeout, then at 700 or 800MB FTP error, Connection Reset by peer. smaller size files no problem.
If you want i can provide more details.
Appreciate your kind help and sugessions.
Thank you,
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sounds like it might be a speed sync problem

mybe some ports are set to auto neg and others are fixed at either half or full duplex

check that all the ports are fixed at the same data rates

i.e. 100 full duplex or 10 full duplex

is the tranfer slow compared to the line speed regardles of file size

are you getting lots os packet loss or colitions all the time ?


Thanks for your comment,
nice to hear from you, i will check the duplex on monday and post it back, data transfer rate is as normal regardless of the file size...what i observed.
there is no Collisions in this network, but there is packet loss. every 5 or 8 packets there is 1 or 2 packets loss regardless of the file size. some times packet loss at 5 packets loss out of 10 packets.
I will keep posting more details.
Thank you for your help.

the peer who resets is the ftp server.
it should be a configuration parameter on the server side.

as it does not want much traffic coming from one client, it may reset that connection.
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I had a problem similar to this recently and found the problem was the FTP server timing out on the large file(s).  
Check your logs, if time stamp values between start of send and when the peer reset occurs matches your timeout value, well... there ya go.  Sometimes its the easy things that get overlooked.  :)
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