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I'm trying to set up a vpn for a doctor friend so the wife can access the medical billing sftwre from home.  Office just has 4 workstation peer to peer LAN.  Software is on new Dell P4 with Windows 2000. DSL connection at office, cable at home.  The doctor has a win98 laptop he wants to use from home and also is purchasing new desktop for home but hasn't decided on PC or MAC yet.  

Questions:  1)  What type of router do I need to buy?  A number of the broadband routers say they support VPN but most say using IPsec.  Do I need PPTP support for Windows?  I am confused.  How much of the setup is done in the router and how much is done through win2000?  Do I need to buy the same router to put at both ends?

2)Will the setup, etc. change dramatically if he buys a MAC for home and has PC at work?  (Just in terms of the VPN, not other software)
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One suggestion of may possible setups.
Setup a Cisco PIX 501 firewall at the Dr office and use Cisco's VPN client software on the workstation/laptop at home. I suggest only a small, simple broadband router at home. Linksys, D-link, etc. I personally use Linksys. It supports IPSEC passthrough. This will setup a very secure IPSEC tunnel that should meet all the HIPAA requirements for security of personal medical data.

An alternative would be to put a PIX 501 at both ends and create a permanent site-to-site tunnel.

I like to use the 3Com Office Connect 25 Internet Firewall for a small business. You need the Firewall listed below, and the VPN Upgrade for the Firewall which includes the Client for the Home PC/Laptop.

3Com® OfficeConnect® Internet Firewall 25

3Com® OfficeConnect® VPN Upgrade for Internet Firewall

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