Burning Cue/Bin files to DVD

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  I was wondering if it were possible to burn an image file(cue/bin) to DVD's. If so how?  I have been trying it with the latest version of Nero, but it attempts to write it to CD only. If I need to convert the file, how and to what. Please help, thanks.
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Well if it helps. Try vcdhelp.com
I'm not very versed when it comes to making DVDs. however this place will give you a start. Also try searching on the web and differetn chatrooms. There;s always help when u need it.:)

See yah and hope this helps.

Haroon AHmad

Answer me this question.....

When you create the Bin/CUE file, did you create it using the CD option, or the DVD option? If you created a CD Bin/Cue, then you will not be able to burn it directly to a DVD. The only way to create a DVD w/ the data in the BIN/CUE files will be to do one of the following:

1) Burn a CD image, copy the files to your local HD and burn the files to a DVD DATA disk.

2) Mount the Bin/Cue file using a virtualCD software such as the one you can get from www.daemon-tools.com. Then copy the files from the virtual CD to your DVD via Nero....

See if that helps.



I am not sure how it was created, I downloaded these files from another person. The files are 800MB and will not fit on a CD, so there lies my problem. Is there a way to convert the files on the HD?
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How much can you overburn on a CD?  I know a friend of mine always overburns his CDs so they hold more data, i'm not sure how much your can do but you should look into it.

Sounds like it's a VCD. Then, you will have 2 options.
1) Get the 99-min CDRs and burn the images on them, or
2) use a virtualCD software and mount the Images.

To answer daggoth's question, you can usually overburn by about 1% to 5% of the total CD space without any problems. To overburn CDs, you will need to have CDR/RWs that supports Overburn, and the CDs that can overburn. You can get information about which drives that can overburn successfully on the internet vcdhelp.com (I think). They will usually tell you which brand of CDRs to use as well.

I have a Pioneer SCSI CDRW and I have consistently successfully overburn on Maxell 700MB CDRs.

You can't write a .bin and .cue you made from a cd to a dvd the layout isn't correct, if you make a .bin and .cue file from a dvd it will proabably work on another dvd, but not cd

>>>> If you created a CD Bin/Cue, then you will not be able to burn it directly to a DVD

Note that, I said a CD Bin/Cue, not a DVD Bin/Cue.

Yes, you can burn a DVD Bin/Cue to a DVD Disk, but only if it is less than 4.7Gigs in size. I have personally never done it that way since I found it much faster to just burn the files directly onto the DVD-Rs.


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I dont know if this is still active....

but I believe what you might be trying to do is to convert a VCD/SVCD  movie to a DVD.
To do this you will need to mount the cue/bin , Demultiplex the video and audio, transcode the audio to a DVD complaint rate (192), multiplex the video with the new audio. The burning now relys on the software that you have and its support for SVCD/VCD over DVD.
Alternatively you may need to re-encode the whole video to DVD format which really will not give you any benefit in quality but compatibility with DVD players.

S ConnellyTechnical Writer

Hello lumber21,

A bin/cue file is a CD-ROM image.  However, if you wish to burn the contents of this image, you should first extract the contents using a program called WinISO (see: http://www.winiso.com/).  Once the contents have been extracted, you can burn them to a DVD.  Keep in mind that you'll still have about 4gb of free space because you can fit about 6-7 BIN CD images on one DVD.

Best regards,
S ConnellyTechnical Writer

Another note:  The other experts are incorrect when stating this is *specifically* a VCD or any other type of multimedia.  BIN is simply a CD image in a single file and it may contain any form of contents.  Get Winiso and with that, you may view or extract the image contents.

If I may, I should bring sconnell's attention to the fact that I did not suggest that bin/cue files are *specifically* SVCD/VCD only that it sounds like the question is regarding an SVCD/VCD. I am not certain if that comment was directed to me in specific, but I would choose the wording better next time.

I agree that bin/cue are CD images (and SVCD and VCD are CDs). However, WinISO will only let you see/extract the contents and IF the user is talking about SVCD/VCD then burning on DVD the contents from WinISO will achieve nothing significant.

As suggested earlier if this is what the user is trying to do follow any of the relative suggestions above, alternatively, I would question why burn a CD image (bin/cue) to a DVD except to combine the medias, and I would question why he would have a bin/cue file if its contents do not require the full CD structure in one media (i.e. SVCD/VCD/Game etc etc)

* If the bin/cue file is an image of a full DVD * (highly unlikely)
If the bin/cue file is a DVD image then Nero should be able to burn such file to DVD no probs only I personally haven’t seen bin/cue files for DVDs. Potentially you could always use Deamon Tools to load the image and check it's validity and potentially do DVD copy with Nero.

for the burning part the best program you can use from my point of view is Alcohol 120%. You can get a free trial off the internet.
Now it also depends on you image file and how big it is cause if it's biger than what u can fit on a cd (700mb) you would need a dvd burner
On a similar subject is it possible to convert a cd image to a dvd equivalent, so that you can burn the image to a dvd rather than cd?

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