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Posted on 2003-02-18
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Last Modified: 2008-02-01
hi, im new. i have written a little piece of code with two functions depending on eath other. one calls the other. now when i compile i get the:
*call to undefined function....*
when i change order the message is the same, just the other functions gets undefined. how can i get the compiler to trust me that @runtime both functions exist?? for better understanding here the code:

signed char endcallback(FSOUND_STREAM *stream, void *buff, int len, int param)
    // end of stream callback doesnt have a 'buff' value, if it doesnt it could be a synch point.
    if (buff)
        Form1->Edit1->Text="ZU ENDE!";

    return TRUE;
void play(const char *filename)
FSOUND_Init(48000, 32, 0);
FSOUND_Stream_Play(0, stream);
FSOUND_Stream_SetEndCallback(stream, endcallback, 0);

in this order i get:

[C++ Error] main.cpp(31): E2268 Call to undefined function 'play'
[C++ Error] main.cpp(31): E2451 Undefined symbol 'ListBox1'

please help...
Question by:stoliD

Expert Comment

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Try this:

void play(const char *);

then the rest of your code.

Accepted Solution

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Prototype the functions at the top of the source file so that the compiler will "know" about the functions before they get used.

For example, put:

void play(const char *filename); // prototype

before your endcallback function.

The other error (ListBox1 is not defined) is because there is no ListBox1 declared in that function...  Maybe it's supposed to be a global (Like I'm guessing your "Form1" variable is), and you're spelling it wrong or something.

The error aside, I'm not sure if what you're trying to do is going to cause an infinite loop of some sort: it looks like your callback ("endcallback") is calling the function ("play") that started the thing that will generate another callback...  Is that what you want?

Also, I'm just going by function names here, but don't you want to define your callback before starting the process with "Play?"  It looks like you might want to change the order of the two lines:

FSOUND_Stream_Play(0, stream);
FSOUND_Stream_SetEndCallback(stream, endcallback, 0);


FSOUND_Stream_SetEndCallback(stream, endcallback, 0);
FSOUND_Stream_Play(0, stream);

but I'm just guessing because I don't know the library you're using.


Author Comment

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hi there its just a simple soundtest. the endcallback is a notify when a mp3playing stops, so its right after play(), or it doesnt really matter. Thanks for the prototype thingy guys, and grue, forgot the Form1-> before the listbox, ur answer accepted.

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