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Converting from VB to VC++. Is it worth the effort for more speed?


I have a largish VB/Access application that I wish to redo in Visual c++ (Partly to see if I can and partly coz it's meant to be noticably faster).

Is this really the case?

I'm not interested in a is c++ better than vb, my dads bigger than yours thing.  I just want an experienced opinion on if the app was written in VC++, would it run any faster?  

It would be using ADO just like the VB app.

Is ADO the same whatever the language?????? or is VC++ faster?  It certainly is a lot more cryptic as far as the syntax is concerned.

I guess thats just coz I'm gettin to grips with VC++ but do you think that the extra effort in development time is worth it in comparison to the extra speed?

Cheers in advance.
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Writing in C++ doesn't mean that program becomes faster. VB produces native code exactly like C++. Database programming is the programming area where VC++ programmer has no advantages over VB programmer.
So, if you have VB database application working with Access, there is no reason to rewrite it.
Before you decide try to think what parts of your program run slowly - database access? memory access? graphics etc. Database access will get the same time in C++ program.
when compare to vb VC++ coding is faster as it directly communicate with window calls. But to my knowledge when we are writting programms that communicate with database low level languages like c++ are not Require to make ur application faster design the better data base and use efficient procedures or function in ur VB application.

if u new to C++ it is little bit complicated for u b'coz that coding style of VC++ ADO is a bit differ from VB ADO.

So i suggest u to Design the better database and procedures.

In database apps the performance bottleneck is almost always in interfacing with database.  This all depends on your database design.  C++ will give you no advantage whatsoever.  Use more indices in you database, convert from Access to SQL server, use stored procedures and triggers, etc.  Don't waste your time with C++.

(BTW I personally use C++ exclusively, and even when it comes to RAD prefer Borland Delphi and C++ Builder to MS VB.  So this is unbiased opinion.)
slippersAuthor Commented:
Cheers all !!!!

I kinda expected to hear that c++ is closer to the bare bones of ADO so it runs faster so earing that it doesn't make a difference in terms of speed is kind of refreshing.

Yup I think I'll stick with VB then. At least for the application.

I hear you all on the use of SQL Server and stored procedures but what can ya do when ya client's a cheap skate !!!!!

Once again cheers
MSDE is a free alternative to SQL server.
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