Can't connect to MySQL 10060

Hi all,

I have a MySQL server running on a linux that is working properly, and i have errors trying to connect to the server on a windows 98 client using ODBC. The error i am getting is Can't connect to MySQL 10060. The driver i am using is ODBC 3.51,(i wish to create a vb app using the driver to access the database) I am quite sure that the parameters that i specified for the host name etc are correct. I even downloaded the MySQL control centre to test the connection to the MySQL linux server, but it still doesnt work. I tried using the same ODBC driver and the same windows client to connect to another dummy MySQL server running on a remote windows PC and it works. Also I have a website coded in PHP that can access the MySQL database on any windows pc, so it couldn't possibly be that the MySQL server blocks out my clients IP address right?  Please help, anyone who can help me solve this problem will get 50 extra points. Thanks in advance

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have you tryed using myodbc? its the odbc driver that mysql recomends. have you checked to be sure that you have permissions to connect to the linux server from another host?



Can you connect to the mySQL server from Linux localhost?

If you are able to connect from localhost but not outside Linux, then check your firewall on Linux. Open port 3306 (which mysql is listening) to the net and you should be able to connect.

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Yeah, I am trying to do this too and have the exzact same problem, error 10061.  I have opened the firewall and installed the myODBC client software on my XP and I get the error.

PHP works in web pages connecting.  
So, is there some kind of change that needs to be done on the  Linux side to enable the service to outside world? A MySql setting perhaps?
Ok shern, one thing I just found on my MySQL installation in the MySql config file was an option set by default called "skip-networking".  Looking around I found that this needs to be removed or remarked out "#".  Try that, then stop the MySql service completely and then restart it.

After doing this, now I get a different error, saying Access Denied for Root, so I know now I am dealing with password problems, but this might fix your problem.

shernAuthor Commented:
Thanks all sorry for the late response, i have yet to try out your solutions yet, but i shall now, and thanks for the help will get back soon
shernAuthor Commented:
Its been a while and i still havent found a solution,
yes i am using the myodbc driver. And i can telnet to the server. Airgazm: there isnt a line in my config file that says skip-networking.

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