Posted on 2003-02-18
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I own an hp pavilion xt919 that runs memory at 100mhz (PC-100).  However the memory that came with it is PC-133.  It's details are:

MT8LSDT1664AG-133EI   PC133U-333-542-A
128mb, SYNCH, 133MHz, CL3

I tried instaling some PC-133 RAM just for consistency but none were backwards compatible and thus didnt work.  So I just now found some PC-100 RAM 128 mb that should work. It's details are:

Rk-Byte (division of Reptron) 16x64-PC100 SDRAM 168 Pin
SKU #3756322

However when I added it in nothing happened, it wouldn't boot and was just a black screen.  So I switched slots with the original RAM putting the new PC-100 RAM in slot 0 and the original PC-133 in slot 1.  The computer began to start up and I was able to go into the BIOS to see that both modules were being read and had a total of 256mb.  However after exiting the BIOS nothing happens, just a blank black screen and Windows XP won't start.

When I just try booting with the new RAM only nothing at all happens, just a black screen and sometimes white flickering on the right side of the monitor.  I can't even enter the BIOS.

What's wrong?
Question by:ballinbuck

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mmmm, if you're sure your new PC100 banks are OK, it could be that your BIOS is configured to run your memory at CAS 2, and the current installed bank is (also) CAS 2 compatible, I see (according your specs) that the PC133 bank is CAS3, so it wouldn't work, the same could be happening with the new PC100 RAM (maybe another CAS3 memory?).

Try changin in BIOS your CAS setting from 2 to 3 and it would boot up now.

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Is the "new" PC100-module built with 4 chips?

If it is it uses 32x8 chips and they cant be used with a PC100-chipset. The highest density a 100MHz chipset can use is 16x8 (8 chip 128 MB module and 16 chip 256 MB module).

The "original" module is a 16x8 single sided module.

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Send the 'new' chip back and say it's not working.
If your system works with just the old chip but not with the new one at all, it may be incompatible.
I suggest checking a company like Kingston.  They
have specially designed memory chips for different computers.  It's distinctly possible that the memory chip you bough is just not compatible with your system.
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How do I go about changing the BIOS to run at CAS 3? Also, the computer works perfectly fine (except for running slow with XP) with the old memory alone.  I'm not sure what CL (I take it that is the same as CAS) the new PC-100 module is.

The new and memory module has 8 chips (16x8).  The old PC-133 also has 8 chips.

Any more help?

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Post your closing recommendations!  No comment means you don't care.

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I am very sorry for the lapse of time.  I was not aware that I did not accept an answer.  Once again, I am sorry for the long wait.

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