windows xp pro (oembios.bin)

windows xp installs (cd) untill i get an error message saying failed to extract oembios.bin so i skipped the file everything seemed ok utill i tried to run windows when i got another error saying a problem is preventing windows from acuratly checking license for this computer.this is a clean install nothing on hard drive.any help would be great.
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is the cd scratched or dirty?
Alternatively you might have a faulty RAM stick in your PC--this can cause weird errors in checksums and file comparisons.
cossiemk7Author Commented:
tried disc in another pc with no probs
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actually, pjknibbs has a point, too.

try configuring your bios to test your memory at startup.

or go to and do a search for memory tester. they have some free/shareware stuff there that might help you.

or finally, you can swap it out for memory that you know is good.
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what was the final solution? did the memory test reveal anything?
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thanks for the follow up.
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Windows XP

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