How to ensure backup is succesful

Hi Friends
I am using windows 2000 ad server.and every night i have take a backup of few drives and all that.
i schedule a backup at 9.00 pm .next morning i have to check whether backup is succesful or not.
so how can i check that.

Tarun Gupta
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HendroConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I assume you are using NTBackup?

When opening NTBackup you can click on Tools, Report and it will show you the date, time and anme of backup. If you double-click on last night's backup it will say either: "Operation unsuccessfully....something like that" or it will show you all the files you have backed up. It will also point out skipped files (maybe because they were opened at the time of backup.

You can also check Event viewer for backup.

the only way i know to check the integrity of a backup is to actually attempt to restore the files you're backing up. in fact, in my experience, frequent test restores is highly advisable. maybe someone else here knows of a shortcut, but in my opinion, the only way to know for sure that your bakups are working right is to try restoring files from them.

hope this helps!!

hendro ir correct, but this doesn't guarantee that the backup is going to work. the only way to really know for sure, is to test it. if you're not too concerned about knowing fully sure that your backups have integrity, then just check the backup software's success/failure indicator. this will vary from app to app, but it's basically going to be set up similarly in all of them.

but i want to reiterate the importance of actually testing your backups, by attempting to restore from them. you'll really wish you had done so, if one day you go to restore a backup that was listed as successful by the program, but failed to restore.
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