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Posted on 2003-02-19
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Last Modified: 2010-04-09
Hello, I'm jbosch(vosk) and I would like to know if is there a way to get the location value,  and if is there a way to get the url from a iframe. Here is an example:
I have the main window with a textfield (or div, a, span, etc) named "A" and a iframe named "F". In the iframe there are some links to other pages or maybe a textfield named "B" and a button to open that new url. The user selects a link or enters a url and the iframe changes to the new url. What I want is display on the "A" textfield (or div, span,etc) from the main window that new url that the user has entered (maybe with a button, to get the new url). I have tryed with document.all.F.src but it always returns the predefined url.
That is the sample code to the main window:
<script language="JavaScript">
function veure()
var nova = document.all.F.src;
document.mainwindowform.A.value = nova;
<form name="mainwindowform">
Here I want to display the user-defined new url of the iframe:
<input type="text" name="A" value="" size="100">
<input type="button" name="B" value="URL" onClick="veure();">
<iframe id="F" src="firstiframepage.html" width="200" height="150">
And that is the same code for the iframe:
<form name="newurl">
<input type="text" name="B" value="">
<input type="button" name="C" value="new url" onClick="location = document.newurl.B.value">
I'm using MSIEv5.5
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You could try document.all.F.document.location.href, but I expect that if the iframe has been sent to a different domain you will get failures (due to cross domain security features).

Author Comment

ID: 7980947
dorward: I have tryed with that but it returns the url of the predefined page used in the frame.
Do you know how I can get the value of a textfield placed in a iframe? I have tryed also that with document.all.F.document.formname.textfieldname.value but it returns an error.

Expert Comment

ID: 7983551
did you try:

document.frames(0).document.getElementById('elementid as string').value;

Author Comment

ID: 7987925
thomasdodds: I didn't try getElementById because I'm using MSIE, althought sometimes I use NSNv4.5, that version cannot use iframes.
Now I have read a cross-frame scripting and security and it tells the next:
window.location: property can be set to navigate, butc annot read.  
Other location: functionality is blocked.  
document.href: property can be set to navigate but cannot read.  
Other document: functionality is blocked.  
<IFRAME>: src property can be set to navigate but cannot read.
(and much more)
So I think that I can answer to myself saying that I cannot read a new url where an iframe has been redirected.
Thanks for both answers, but I'll give the points to dorward because was near to the right answer.

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