Pasting multi-line data from Word into Excel

Posted on 2003-02-19
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-02-01
I am trying to paste multi-line text from Word into Excel.

Excel (97) decides that the data would look nicer in separate cells, breaking between cells at each Line Break character.

This isn't what I want!  I have tried replacing hard line breaks with soft line breaks in Word, but it doesn't help.

For some strange reason, Excel uses ALT-ENTER as its soft line break, whereas Word uses SHIFT-ENTER.  But I can't generate ALT-ENTER in Word (the key combination doesn't work) and if I paste an ALT-ENTER from Excel into Word, it appears as a ENTER hard line break.

Any ideas how to get Excel to paste one block of text (containing ENTER characters) as one cell?
Question by:MarkyMarkD
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Expert Comment

by:Steve Knight
ID: 7980702
Depends how much you need to paste but yif you F2 to edit a cell then paste it will go in complete with line feeds...


Expert Comment

ID: 7981995
It has exactly the same effect as Steve's suggestion but you can also edit/paste/whatever in the formula text bar (the one just above the worksheet next to the = sign).


Author Comment

ID: 7992390
Thanks for the comments so far, and they are OK as far as they go, but I want to paste lots of individual cells from a Word table into an Excel worksheet.  The solutions you have given don't let me do that and it would be very onerous to do it one cell at a time.
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Author Comment

ID: 7992996
Thanks for the comments so far, and they are OK as far as they go, but I want to paste lots of individual cells from a Word table into an Excel worksheet.  The solutions you have given don't let me do that and it would be very onerous to do it one cell at a time.
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Expert Comment

by:Steve Knight
ID: 7994689
OK, try this, as long as you only need the text, not the fonts etc. :-)

This VBA routine to run in Word will take the currently selected part of the document and export any tables (complete with line breaks) to a CSV file which you can import into Excel.  Select All the Word document then run this to export all tables.

Each table is seperated by a blank row then "NEXT TABLE" then a blank row.

If not sure about anything, please ask.



Sub CopyTablesToCSV()

Rem SKnight 21-Feb-2003
Rem Steps through each table in selection and creates CSV file
Rem to import into Excel including multi-line cells etc.

Dim fr, cols, rows, c, r As Integer
Dim t As Table

fr = FreeFile
Open "c:\import.csv" For Output As #fr

For Each t In Selection.Tables
  cols = t.Columns.Count
  rows = t.rows.Count
  For r = 1 To rows
    For c = 1 To cols
      t.Cell(r, c).Select
      If c > 1 Then Print #fr, ",";
      Print #fr, Chr$(34); ReplaceCR(Selection.Text); Chr$(34);
    Next c
    Print #fr, ""
  Next r
  Print #fr, ""
  Print #fr, "NEXT TABLE"
  Print #fr, ""
Next ' next table.

Close #fr
Shell "excel C:\import.csv", vbNormalFocus

End Sub

Function ReplaceCR(ByVal strIn As String) As String

'remove CR chr$(13) and replace with LF chr$(10)
a% = 1
Do While InStr(a%, strIn, Chr$(13)) > 0
   a% = InStr(a%, strIn, Chr$(13))
   Mid$(strIn, a%, 1) = Chr$(10)

' Remove chr$(7), seems to be at end of each cell
If Right$(strIn, 1) = Chr$(7) Then strIn = Left$(strIn, Len(strIn) - 1)

ReplaceCR = strIn
End Function
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Accepted Solution

Steve Knight earned 400 total points
ID: 8016846
MarkyMark, Any luck with that code?


Author Comment

ID: 8017402
Yes, thanks very much Steve and sorry for the delay.  I need to work out how to apply this code so that my users can do the transfer themselves, but it does the job very nicely.

I only need to copy one table, so I can simplify it somewhat, but I need to copy it into a specific place in a spreadsheet so that will take a little more work - but I can handle that part of the VBA myself.
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Expert Comment

by:Steve Knight
ID: 8017714
Great, sorry to have chased but a lot of people ask and are never heard from again otherwise....

Thanks for the points & grade.


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