"Send to" Notes in Office

Hi there,

Situation: 2 merged companies with a new policy running Lotus notes
and Novell on the clients. ("our" Outlook client "had to go")

But now we are getting problems with Office 2000 and the "send to mail recipient" option.  
For some reason odd reason it refuses to work on a number of clients.

One of our sys eng's (he's supposed to be an mcse), partially responsible for Lotus Notes, had the brilliant solution to
install/reinstall M$ Outlook to get the sendto option back to work.

This solution works, but damnit, what kinda of workaround is that!  First we had to get rid
of "our" Outlook, and now we have to install it again in order to get the other one working?!  *D'oh!*

According to this sys eng, it is because the installation of Outlook implements a
few dll's that get this thing (back) to work.  
This might be true of course, but Outlook express - which usually is installed by default on
every win-machine - also provides this feature, would imply that these dlls and reg-functions
are already "on-board" the win machine.

So, I was wondering if any of you know if there's a better workaround for this matter, maybe manually
adding a few extra dlls and add their references in the right places in the registry?

There just HAS to be a more professional way to solve such problems.

*grumbles "and we're supposed to be a Professional IT-service company"*

tnx in advance for any solutions/suggestions you might have

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I'm pretty sure this is a MAPI problem.   If you un-install outlook, Microsoft deliberately disables this functionality.  Why?  For the same reason they came out with an altered JVM instead of just using SUN's.  They want to make it more difficult to run other people's products and they have to do so in subtle ways.

Back when it was Excel vs. Lotus 123, Each time a patch came out for windows, it would cause 123 to stop running and a patch for 123 had to be made.  The saying around Lotus went something like this:

"With Microsoft, the code's not done till Lotus won't run"

Don't think for a minute this isn't on purpose.

That said, I'll see if I can't find out just what dll's these are.

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