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How do I do autoforwarding in notes??

How do I do auto-forwarding in Lotus notes??
I want this to be done from the client side without writing any agents on the server. Is there a way to do this?? Please help.
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Are you looking to autoforward a document created in a notes database; Such as the use of a submit button ?
A user creates a document and hits the submit button which automatically sends a document link email to someone based upon the value of one of the fields on the document ???
Is this what your looking to do ?
Or just autoforwarding an email ?
Add the forwarding address to the Forwarding Address field in the recipient's Person document in the Public Address Book.
vikas356Author Commented:
What I would like to do is when I am not in office I would like the mails to be forwarded to my personal account. I tried writing an agent, but agent runs on the server side and I do not have permissions for that? Hence I would like to know whether it is possible to something on the client side itself which would help me doing this
Agents are really the only way to do something like this without any user intervention (i.e. no one having to click anything to initiate the forwarding). How do you know you do not have permissions to run an agent on the server? Did you get some kind of error message? You may want to check with your administrator on this, unless they are super-paranoid, most organizations will allow their users to run restricted (and possibly even unrestricted) agents on the server. In any case, a simple action agent should run just fine, unless they do not have amgr running (again, check with your Notes admin about this).

The other thing you could do would be to ask your Notes admin to give you ownership of your own Person document in the Public NAB. Then you could edit your own Person document and add your personal email account address to the Forwarding Address field in there. That will cause your email to be forwarded to your personal account. The only disadvantage with this is that it won't leave a copy of the message in Notes, it will just "pass straight through" to your personal account.



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