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Compiling and Building DLLs through program!!!!

Hi experts,
   I have written so many DLLs in Visual Basic 6.0 and all the DLLs are interdepent means some DLLs I am using in some anpther DLL. So the problem is when I change one DLL I need to Compile it and build the DLL but at the same time I need to compile and build the other DLLs also which are used by this DLL because of dependencies.
   So the sequence is necessory. But I have soooooooo many DLLs so I can't compile and build each and evry time.
So I want to write an application which will build DLLs of VB.
  So is it possible? and if yes then can you please direct me?

1 Solution
Because of the issue you've just raised, many large software systems do not use the early binding option when calling activeX dlls (when you use MS activex dlls like ADO, it's usually OK).

The reason is that the moment you change one of the DLLs interfaces, you need to re-compile all the dependent components to point to the new Class ID of the DLL.
When using late binding you only need to compile the DLL itself, and if you changed one of the existing functions/methods signatures (for example changed a function type from string to long) you need to update and re-compile only the DLLs that uses the updated functions.

If the changes you made to the DLLs include adding new methods or changing the code within existing methods (without changing the signature of the method), yuo do not need to recompile any of the DLLs, as long as you made sure that you've set the updated DLL compatability to binary.

Another prossible option: combine all the DLLs in one project group in VB and choose "make project group" from the VB FILE menu. This doesn't change the fact that binary compatabilty should be selected in every project to avoid a mess in your computer.
bharat_maneAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot yronnen
    for such a nice explanation
    I got ur point now I am following the vb6.exe /Make
Command line building. so now I am puting all the lines in one batch files and i am runing that batch file but if I build the DLL in IDE then it is building but through the command line it is giving me one error message

  "One or more of the properties in 'filename.vbp' was bad
SOme or all the properties minght not be set correctly"

But I created new simple DLL to add tow bumbers and I compiled it through Command line it is working fine.

So I am getting confused about where is Error.

Can you please help me?


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