outer join in unix with 2 files

I've 2 files :


A 20212 497448063
B 12141 497425608
C 18745 497440900

I'd like to have :

result_file (only record from file2 and not in file1)
C 18745 497440900

Thx in advance,
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Think this will work:

cat /dev/null > diff_file
{ while read LINE
awk "/${LINE}/ {print }" file2 >> diff_file
} < file1
comm -23 file2 diff_file >result_file

Tested it on solaris, but should be generic
I'm not sure if the comm command will work since the lines in both files are complete different.  However, this short script will create the desired result_file:

cp file2 result_file
exec 3< file1
while read N <&3
  grep -v $N restult_file > tmpfile$$
  mv tmpfile$$ result_file
rm -f tmpfile$$

The last line (rm -f tmpfile$$) is not really needed, but I put it in as a safeguard.

Try it out and let me know.

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yahrikaAuthor Commented:
1st solution:

When i try with a big file test seems won't work
file2 --> 1763 record
file1 --> 226 record

diff_file --> 7060 records
result_file --> 0

2nd Solution :
When i try this --> error message (grep: can't open restult_file)

Help me please
Sorry, I misspelled it.  Just change it to result_file.
Again, I appologize.
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