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Processing a HTML page with many forms on it

I've got a HTML page that I've divided into many forms. Each form contains data from a database that is retrieved when the page is loaded. Because of the volume of data, the overall page is slow(ish) to load, but just about OK. I want to offer the user the chance to update the data that is displayed in each form on the page and then to update that data and refresh the form in situ i.e. there's no need for a total page reload. Is there any way of doing this ? Here's a brief bit of pseudo-code to try and explain further :-

<form name="form1">
data for record 1 here with a button to update it. Can form1 just be refreshed ?

<form name="form2">
data for record 2 here with a button to update it. Can form2 just be refreshed ?

<form name="formN">
data for record N here with a button to update it. Can formN just be refreshed ?
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 <FRAME SRC="processing.asp" NAME="one">
 <FRAME SRC="index.asp" NAME="main">

<form name="form1" target="one" action="1.asp">
1: <input type="text" name="1" size="20">
<form name="form2" target="one" action="2.asp">
2: <input type="text" name="2" size="20">

but you couldnt validate in this way
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