Should I use 2 cisco 2620's or 1 cisco 3620

I have a medical group that has six sites.  They want to install point to point t-1's at each site. Can I use 2 cisco 2620 routers for this or will I need to use a cisco 3640.  This will be set up in  a star config.  So at the main hub there will be 5 point to point t-1's terminating. They have frame now, but it is cheaper to put in t-1's than to bump up the speed on  the frame.
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You could use a 2691XM router that has three WIC slots and use VWIC-2MFT-T1 modules. Each module fits one WIC slot and accepts 2 T1's. You could add another Network module with 2 more WIC slots for added capacity/growth.

Another option would certainly be a 3640/3660 with enough WIC slots to put in a single WIC-1DSU.

Or you could go up to a 7204 series with 2 ea 4-port T1/DSU modules or 1 ea 8-port T1DSU module.

My personal preference is the 7204. For a medical group with HIPAA requirements and potential encryption needs, go with the higher performance/future-proof 7204 vs limited budget/limited growth 2600/3600 line.


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I concur with using a 7204 for the central office.

kkibodeauxAuthor Commented:
Is there a bandwith limit on the 2691xm.
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There is no doubt that a 7204 performance wise can blow a couple of 2620’s into the weeds, but I doubt you will ever see much of an advantage in this case, and using two 2620’s does have its merits. If the 7204 break’s you will loss connectivity to all the offices instead of some of them if you where to use two 2620’s. Also for what the 7204 will cost you cans easily afford to buy a spare 2620 and still save a lot of money.

As for encryption on point-to-point T1’s I think that is getting overly paranoid, yet it is still not what I would really call truly secure. For me truly secure means every packet is encrypted before it ever makes it to the network, and once it is encrypted not only is it secure on the WAN, it’s also secure on the office LAN as well.    
2620 is rated to 20Kpps - up to 8 T1 connections
2691 is rated to 70Kpps - up to 10 T1 connections
3640 is rated 50-70Kpps - up to 16 T1 connections
7200 is rated to 400Kpps - up to 48 T1 connections
Cisco 7204VXR with NPE-225 router $7,400.00
Cisco 2620 router $1,600.00

These are prices I got on Cnet Shopper and don’t include any T1 interfaces. At 4.5 times the cost of a 2620 it’s no surprise the 7204 dusts the 2620, but as I said before, I doubt there will be much of a difference performance wise seen between the two routers in this situation.  

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