nvidia geforce2 latest drivers getting random temp. black screen lockups

It happens when web browsing, but I suspect that it happens with any program.

At random times, the screen locks up, moust does respond, but the OS does not refocus when the mouse clicks.  Keyboard typing is still recorded but does not display.

Typically I hit the Minimize button on the browser (both IE6 and Mozilla 1.2a) and the screen will go completely black, same resolution, for about 1.5 seconds.  Then the desktop returns and the system is back to normal until the next lock up.

This system was recently changed from a Win98se system to a Windows 2K Pro system.  Under Win98se this problem did not occur.

Could this point to a problem with the video card?  The system's main RAM?  or other problems?
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guidwayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
whoops you said latest driver. My bad. I've also heard problems of the latest drivers causing problems. You might try an earlier driver and see if that helps.
Probably a driver issue. Are you sure you have the latest drivers for the card? Also make sure you have the latest service packs and downloads Win2000. It could also be a problem with your hard drive (run manufacturer diagnostics) or system RAM or a fan going out (overheating) or your power supply about to go out.

just some ideas... hope this helps
Try this link.  http://www.nvidia.com/view.asp?IO=winxp-2k_41.09

You may want to compare your version of the video driver with this one.  The drivers may have been installed incorrectly if they versions do match so reinstalling them from the website above cannot hurt
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Hi braincandy99,

I'm curious to know why I got a C if my comment was helpful? I could understand a B but a C is kind of low considering we never got feedback from you. Would you please let me know if this was a mistake. Thank you! :0)
braincandy99Author Commented:
Please don't feel slighted.  At least not any more than stretchsp should feel.

both answers were similar, and I believe them to be helpful for most people that have this problem, which is why I accepted your answer as it was first.

my particular problem revealed itself to me separate from the answers provided and points to a system RAM problem (i received a memory test failed msg on a cold boot during my system POST shortly after i posted this msg).  strange as that may seem.  new RAM and problem went away.

being new to this community, I don't know the protocols with rating answers that, while helpful, don't solve the specific issue, so i rated the accepted answer a C.  If that poor logic, then please accept my apologies.

I also did not want to leave this question open and just remembered that it was.

Usually in the case that the asker finds the answer themselves we allow them to post a question in Community Support allowing that the question be PAQ'ed and points refunded. Since this was the case please post a 0pt question in the Community Support area and you can have your points refunded. I did not know that you did to solve the problem so I responded like I did. Also for future reference you might want to view the grading guidelines as shown here: http://www.experts-exchange.com/jsp/cmtyQuestAnswer.jsp#3

Thank you. :0)

Regarding the NVIDA video problems, I've done a lot of
research and the BSOD and "infinite loop" problems
occur with both the NVIDIA and ATI cards and on some other computer brands too. Seems to be more prevelant
with the NVIDIA video cards.
It seems to occur on notebooks more than desktops (which
may give some creedence to the over-temperature theory).
For whatever reason(s), the driver stops receiving responses from the video card. It may do a few retries. After a while, the system freezes up or reports a device error (perhaps an infinite loop error will be written to the event log). It seems the problem started with DELL around September 2000. It appears that the problem is more prevalent with the NVIDIA cards (I have a DELL

I've tried lots things (7 or 8 different video drivers,
reformated the hard disk, reinstall Windows XP Pro,
tweak power and video and performance options,
increase swap file size, run FanGUI, etc.) and the
problem persists.

The theories abound as to the problem:
(1)   one popular theory is the video cards are too hot.
(2)   another is the video cards are trying to draw
      too much current.
(3)   another is that it's a bug in the video driver
(4)   another is that it's the video card and/or GPU
(5)   another is that it's Windows XP
(6)   some think it's Internet Explorer
(7)   some think the swap file is too small
(8)   some think all you have to do is uninstall and
      reinstall the video driver

I think it may be all of the above, which
makes the problem especially difficult to trouble-shoot.
In some cases, the problem may be resolved by one of the
steps above. In some cases, not.  In some cases, the
problem is only lessened to a tolerable degree.
Also, some drivers are better than others in dealing
with the problem.  

Sometimes, running the FanGUI (fan) utility to cool down
the CPU and GPU seems to make the problem happen less often.

What works for one person doesn't always work for another.

One thing is for sure.....there are no easy answers,
and it may require a lot of patience and trouble-shooting.

So, after a year, I replaced the NVIDIA GeForce2
with an ATI Radeon 7500-M7-64MB.

So far, no problems...hope this fixes the problem.
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