Flash + XML??

I have a range of questions...hope someone can help me..

1) Can Flash and XML work together??...if so, what kind of Parser do they use?

2) Is there anyway that we can program Flash on Pocket PC??
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If You mean Macromedia Flash then I guess it's as simple as with html. You either have to add the Flash object to Your XML file or XSL one.
Why would You need any parser for that? You can see it using MSIE, can't You?
That's all I know.
I don't know anything about Pocket PCs.
Flash MX has built-in XML objects that are very powerful and allow customizable parsing, and XMLSocket is an awesome tool that can initiate a continuous XML data stream with the server (rather than the normal request-response type deal). I also recommend using Unity server (from moock.org) to build XML-integrated flash apps.

It's too lengthy to sum up in a paragraph really, but I used this book:


to learn how, and I have written several webfront interfaces in Flash that access a fully XML backend.

Also, most recent versions of PocketPC can run basic Flash (although not the more complex actionscript operations of the recent versions). HTH

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