pcAnywhere thought a VPN

I have two networks in two different companies and I need to pcAnywhere into the other over IP.

I have set up a VPN where the client is behind an ISA firewall, connecting to the remote network.

The VPN connects fine, and I can ping the computer which I expect to pcAnywhere to. However I cannot get the pcAnywhere link to work however hard I try.

Please help!
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clawedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, you need to poke a hole in your firewall, it seems...

ping?  you can ping the ip?  or the name?

you might need to make your lmhost and hosts files if you are using netbois.  thats probably the simplest way to do that.

also make sure that enable lan connects turn on in your vpn client.  that was prohibiting me from using pcanywhere when i set it up.

Mikeal www.chatutopia.net
Can you pcAnywhere in to that computer from another computer on the same LAN?
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So, you have set up the host on one side, the remote on the other, your encryption levels match, and you are using network security rather than pcAnywhere's built-in password stuff?
JonsieAuthor Commented:
Well, i've finally managed to get it to work.

Seems the ISA firewall client has to be disabled, and then it works fine.

However, whenever i disconnect from the host, the host crashes. This never happens when i connect to the same machine via modem instead.

Any clues?
MikealclConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ya i think clawed is write it sounds like the host is not getting the disconnection message properly...
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