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SQL Server 2000 DTS datetime

Posted on 2003-02-19
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-30
I wish to load the following data into a table using DTS.

162,Data Removed,Nov 21 2002 11:04:13:030AM

The table consists of three fields of type (int,varchar(50), datetime).

If I change the date time to 11:04:13AM DTS loads the record. If I leave the time as it is I get the following error message  :-

ActiveX Scripting Transform AxScriptXform encountered an invalid data value for update destination column.

Why will DTS and vbscript not recognise the full time stamp.

All suggestions welcome
Question by:weefeet
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Expert Comment

ID: 7982486
I don't know why this error occurs, I've had the same problem. It's something to do with the fact that the date (Nov 21 2002 11:04:13:030AM) is loaded into the DTS package as a VARCHAR and then is impliclity being converted into a DATETIME.

This is equivalent to what is happening in your scenario and raises an error:
SET @pstrDate = 'Nov 21 2002 11:04:13:030AM'
INSERT MyTable (162,'Data Removed', @pstrDate)

However, this example does not generate the error:
(Note the date value has been declared a given size)
SET @pstrDate = 'Nov 21 2002 11:04:13:030AM'
INSERT MyTable (162,'Data Removed', @pstrDate)

It is an annoying problem.

Expert Comment

ID: 7984075
If you don't specify a size for the varchar datatype, the default of 1 is used, so your string value is truncated and can not be further converted to a datetime value by sql server. You have to specify a size for varchar (>= to the max number of chars in your date format) in order to avoid the problem.  

Author Comment

ID: 7984100
I can get it working through SQL using the following command

insert into <table_name> values(162,'Data Removed','Nov 21 2002 11:04:13:030AM')

BUT I do need to get it working using VBScript.

The following code works fine in the DTS package but sets the the hundreths part of the time to 000

Function Main()

     DTSDestination("id") = DTSSource("Col001")
     DTSDestination("descn") = DTSSource("Col002")
     DTSDestination("updatedate") = left(DTSSource("Col003"),20) &" " & mid(DTSSource("Col003"),25,2)
     Main = DTSTransformStat_OK
End Function

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