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Posted on 2003-02-19
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Last Modified: 2013-12-04
I have a windows 2000 Server in a domain set as the PDC with active directory, with all windows 2000 pro workstations. All machines have been updated to the latest service packs (SP3) etc...   I have set several different printers up and shared them out but I can't connect to any of them.  I keep getting "access denied" errors.

Things I have tried so far:

1. Logged into the machine with the printer as the domain administrator.  Shared the printer.  Logged into another machine as the domain administrator and tried to map to the printer.  

result: message box "Could not connect to printer. Access denied"

2. Enabled the local guest account, and the domain guest account.

Result: the same as above.

3. Tried mapping to one of the hidden shares on the machine (ie: \\machine name\C$) as the domain administrator.

Result: message box "Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer"

I have researched the rights and every thing looks to be in order.  When I try to add a printer to a machine I can find it in my active directory listing so I know it has been published.  

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance.

I have also searched this and other sites for things to try, still no progress.  I'm at wits end with very little hair left from all the pulling.  I do have a large hammer ifen you think that might help (just kidding)
Question by:tegra14
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Expert Comment

ID: 7983430
how are your printers setup?  are they local LPT port shares connected to a client machine or are they networked with IP addresses and controlled by the server???

its pretty straightforward permission issues most of the time. click the attributes of the share permissions for the printer and choose EVERYONE, try that.  

If this is shared on a win2k client box...is the user logged on as a domain user or local account??

I guess we need more info on how these printers are setup.

Expert Comment

ID: 7985132
I am gonna guess that you can PING the server from the workstations, so it is not an IP routing problem.

Is "File & Print Sharing for Microsoft Networks" enabled on the NIC on this Win2K server? Sounds like it is not.
So, go to the properties of the NIC, and see if the checkbox for File and Print Sharing is checked.

If it is, then try this. Log into a workstation as your Domain Admin, open a Command Prompt, and type in:

nbtstat -A "IP address of Win2K Server"

See if you get something like this:

          NetBIOS Remote Machine Name Table

      Name               Type         Status
   LAPTOP         <00>  UNIQUE      Registered
   WORKGROUP      <00>  GROUP       Registered
   LAPTOP         <20>  UNIQUE      Registered
   WORKGROUP      <1E>  GROUP       Registered

   MAC Address = 00-50-04-FD-2C-8A

If you do not get this type of NetBios info from your server, then either the Workstation service and/or the Server service is not running on the Win2K server (I forget which service handles a nbtstat request, but it is one or the other).

hope this helps

Expert Comment

ID: 7989352
omalakai...  If File and Print sharing is not enabled he would not be able to share the printers.

nbtstat uses NetBIOS over TCP/IP.  Since this is a pure Windows 2000 domain, there is no reason to run NetBIOS over TCP/IP.  So when he executes the nbtstat command he will get "Host not Found" and not anything like the sample table you provided.

I agree with noulette... we need more information here.  To little info to speculate.
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Expert Comment

ID: 7994970
Have file permissions at the root level been removed for the EVERYONE GROUP? If so, was this propogated through the file structure?

I've seen (experienced) strange things when permissions are removed without thinking thrings through.


Author Comment

ID: 8017658
Sorry for the delay on this I'v been out of town for awhile.

Ok lets see:

Nouellette:  Printers are set up on client workstations LPT shares etc...  However I do have a couple of printers that are controlled by the server with dedicated IP's (these have no problems).  

I have set the permissions for EVERYONE to full controll still no success.

all users log into their domain accounts. no local accounts on the machine.
Omalakai:  Correct. I can ping.  I aggree this is not an IP issue.  

File & Print sharing is installed.  However I find it strange, that when I bring up the properties of the network card and click on File & Printer sharing, that I can not go into the properties of that.  Is this normal?  Did microsoft get rid of the check boxs about "I want to give others access to my files" and "I want to give others access to my printers" we may need to look at this a little closer.

nbtstat -A "IP address of Win2K Server" produces a list of 8 very simular to yours:
        NetBIOS Remote Machine Name Table

    Name               Type         Status
 FILES          <00>  UNIQUE      Registered
 FILES          <20>  UNIQUE      Registered
 UNIVERSITY     <00>  GROUP       Registered
 UNIVERSITY     <1C>  GROUP       Registered
 UNIVERSITY     <1E>  GROUP       Registered
 FILES          <03>  UNIQUE      Registered
 ADMINISTRATOR  <03>  UNIQUE      Registered
 FILES          <01>  UNIQUE      Registered

 MAC Address = 00-B0-D0-E1-DE-76

MSGeek:  True file and printer sharing are checked.  

As you can see above the nbtstat command did display some information though how helpfull it is I'm still unsure about other than making sure that I have a protocol loaded and functioning.

What information are you looking for.  I think I answered this one closer to the top.  not sure though.  If you need more, let me know what..

Matthewjones:  Permissions for the everyone group for the root level?  do you mean the local root structure?  or the servers root.  I will assume the server and will check this today and let you know..  

All:  This hammer is starting to look more and more like a possible solution...  (thanks again for the help and insight)


Accepted Solution

nouellette earned 200 total points
ID: 8017914
You cannot configure File and Printer sharing for Win2k Workstations, thats why the properties tab is grayed out...you can only configure it for server.

So far everything looks fine, so this is a bit puzzling...but Im almost certain its a permissions issue.  Try adding more groups to the printer instead of everyone...try DOMAIN USERS or USERS or even create a test group of some people including yourself...add those to the printer and try that again.  This for some reason really is boiling down to a permission issue...

and i like the comment about the server service...make sure that service is running, same with workstation, print spooler, and other necessary services.   saomething is askew here because so far you have all the right configurations.  

Expert Comment

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