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I have 3 filemaker pro database files on a web server.  These three files have relationships setup between them for drop down lists, quick fill fields, etc...

When I use the database directly ( not through a browser ) I am able to see the drop down and fill in fields work.  So the relationships between the files are working.  When I attempt to use the the database through the browser the relationships do not seem to be working.

Thank You.
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vux984Connect With a Mentor Commented:

If you change the data in the browser, you will have to submit those changes back to the server, and reload the record(s) to view **any** changes.

This is the nature of the web. You don't have live interactive session with the server. You have a disconnected series of essentially stateless transactions with it.
Rather than using the web interface, use filemaker as a client and connect remotely.
petantAuthor Commented:
The web interface is the way to go since it is cheaper and you only have to manage one install.

Are there problems with relationships between files using a web browser ?

Is there some configuration I need to complete to make this work correct via a browser connection ?

Thank You.
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No there are no problems with relationships between files. However, the interface you define within filemaker has little bearing on the web interface.

If the "Instant web publishing features" do not meet your needs you will need to switch to either custom web publishing, write your own HTML (and then you can set the drop downlists however ever you want and push/pull the data via CDML or XML...

or switch to ASP or PHP or whatever and pull the data via ODBC. (The performance of this is a little slow compared to others. So unless you need you have a pre-existing fm solution you need to connect to I'd select a different database platform.)

Also you are aware that to connect to the web version of FM with more than 10 ip addresses you will need FM Unlimited right??
If you want to use ASP with Filemaker use the FmConnector for ASP ( No ODBC performance laybacks aso... No XML knowledge necessary. Any questions?: email:

You must do something wrong, it works normally...
What do you mean by not working? popdown lists not updated for new entries (if linked to a related file)?
petantAuthor Commented:
Fields that a user enters like a user id should populate other fiels like first name and last name.  It works outside of the web environment but not within the web environment.
vux984 is correct. There is no way to do it the way you want, the record has to be updated from Filemaker, yr browser does not do this. If you see how Java people do, they do the same, to have a contextual drop down menu, they redisplay the page.
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