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Disk partitioning

Hi all,
I need steps to partioning a new disk.
I bought a new disk capacity 80 GB.
I want to format it and partioned into 6 (C,D,E,F,G,H)- (7,10,15,15,15,18).
I have a boot disk.
So could you pls list out the steps do this.

Thanks and regards,
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First, you need to go to Microsoft and get the new FDISK. I'm assuming you're on Win98, and the original FDISK won't handle drives over a 64GB capacity. Try this link to get it:

After you get it, FDISK still will NOT copy to an emergency boot disk, so you'll have to make the EBD and then copy fdisk over.

Next, check this webpage for details on partitioning and formatting drives:

If you can't get it from there, then find the nearest geek and bribe him with a pizza. :D
I'm kinda wondering why you decided on this particular
Start  fdisk (from a floppy)
Create primary dos partition (this will be you c drive)
and set the size 7G.
Create the extended partition using the rest of the drive, and make the first logical drive 10G
Continue creating new logical drives with your desired sizes.

Restart from the floppy and format the primary partition
and all logical drives.
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Hi all,
I was doing these type of partioning methods... Sometimes i am not able to use full disk space...
That's why i posted a question on this site.

Could you pls explain extended partioning in details.

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