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Searching for strings in DB ACCESS with VB6


how can i check if a special text given in an text-field exists in ACCESS database ?

how can i write this in VB6 ?

Thanx in Advans

1 Solution
If I understand you question correctly, you want to search the records for one that contains the specified criteria. There's 2 ways to do this easily:

1. Use the Jet "Find" functions. This will work if the recordset is of a dynaset or snapshot type. In this example, SearchCriteria is a string variable and dynasetname is the name of the recordset. The first record that matches will become the current record.

SearchCriteria= "FieldName = Criteria"
dynasetname.findfirst SearchCriteria

If dynasetname.nomatch= true then a match was not found.

*Note: This example assumes that the recordset is already open. If using a table recordset, you must use the Seek command.

2. Use an SQL statement to open a recordset containing only the records that match.

Set dynasetname=databasename.openrecordset("SELECT * from TABLENAME where FIELDNAME = 'CRITERIA'", dbopendynaset)

You can also use the 'LIKE' keyword in place of the '=' to locate records using wildcard characters (*criteria*).

Hope that helps.
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