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Posted on 2003-02-19
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Last Modified: 2010-05-01

I made a program which recordes entries and displays the stuff that I entered earlier and it saves in a file that I specified.
And I made a check box to tick so it will also display on the screen later.
I want to filter the records as checked and not checked. The 'unchecked' stuff saves as "0" and checked
ones save as "1". If i can filter the 0s and 1s then i think it would be easy.

I want to view the checked and unchecked both seperatly.
This is the code I used to view all the records.

 Dim strName As String
  Dim intGrade As Integer
  Dim strText1 As String
  Dim strText2 As String
  Dim splitText() As String

  Open "C:\Program Files\Tax Pending\tax.txp" For Input As #1
     Do Until EOF(1)
          Input #1, strText2 'read entire line
        splitText = Split(strText2, Chr(44)) 'split line by " ' "

        strName = splitText(0)
         'splittext is string, convert it to int
        strText1 = splitText(0)

        Form2.Print strName, intGrade, strText1
  Close #1

Its like displaying all of them. I told the program to save the 0s and 1s but didn't tell it to display. I hope u got my question.
  check box name is chkCheckBox1.

Expert Comment

ID: 7984099
i dont understand your question quite good but here
Form2.Print strName, intGrade, strText1
your telling it to display it

Expert Comment

ID: 7984119
yes, the

Form2.Print strName, intGrade, strText1

is telling it to display in Form2.  I don't quite understand what you are trying to do either.  It sounds like you have a simply solvable problem, but I don't think you've explained it well enough.

Expert Comment

ID: 7984935
make like this:

take the separated numbers and put them into an if/else check or select case.
I hope you used indexnumbers for your checkboxes else you have to write the code each time.
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Accepted Solution

JoaTex earned 80 total points
ID: 7984983
See if this can Suite You.

2 Labels
2 ListBoxes (Sorted)
1 Command Button


Thomas,Web Designer,1


Option Explicit
   Dim strName As String
   Dim strText1 As String
   Dim strText2 As String
   Dim splitText() As String
   Dim strList As String

Private Sub Command1_Click()
   List1.Clear: List2.Clear
   Open "tax.txp" For Input As #1
      Do Until EOF(1)
         Line Input #1, strText2 'read entire line
         splitText = Split(strText2, Chr(44)) 'split line by " ' "
         strName = splitText(0) 'splittext is string, convert it to int
         strText1 = splitText(1)
         strText2 = splitText(2)
         Select Case Val(strText2)
            Case Is = 1
               strList = strName & "      " & strText1
               List1.AddItem strList
            Case Is = 0
               strList = strName & "      " & strText1
               List2.AddItem strList
         End Select
 Close #1
 End Sub


Begin VB .Form Form1
Caption      =      "Form1"
ClientHeight      =     3075
ClientLeft      =     3285
ClientTop      =     2655
ClientWidth      =     6660
LinkTopic      =      "Form1"
ScaleHeight      =     3075
ScaleWidth      =     6660

Begin VB.ListBox List2
Height           =     1620
Left           =      3390
Sorted           =     -1 'True
Tablndex      =     4
Top           =     630
Width           =     2685

Begin VB.ListBox List1
Height           =     1620
Left           =     420
Sorted           =     -1'True
Tablndex      =      3
Top           =     630
Width           =     2655

Begin VB.CommandButton Command1
Caption      =      "Load File"
Height           =     375
Left           =     2670
TabIndex      =     0
Top           =     2460
Width           =     1185

Begin VB.Label Label2
Caption      =     "Unchecked"
Height           =     225
Left           =     4320
TabIndex      =      2
Top           =     420
Width           =     1035

Begin VB.Label Label2
Caption      =     "Cheched"
Height           =      255
Left           =     1200
Tablndex      =     1
Top           =     390
Width           =     825

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Moderator, my recommended disposition is:

    Accept JoaTex's comment(s) as an answer.

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