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Suddenly black BG in DW4 on Mac?

I've been working on a site for several days, and today when I opened up the main page in DW4, the entire background was black. I've changed no settings or anything, so I was confused. I then checked other pages in DW, and they were the same. I tried resetting, and no change. I wouldn't mind except that my site is white with black text, rendering the text invisible. When i hit F12 to do a browser preview, the BG is white, as it should be. My page preferences says that the BG is white. But I can't work on it like this...Is there a setting somewhere to keep this from happening? Is this a common issue?

I've only been working with the web for a couple weeks, so I'm not exactly sure how silly a question this may be...

Thanks in advance
1 Solution
The old Dreamweavers did have some bugs. MX seems to be pretty good though. Try trashing your Dreamweaver preferences file from your Preferences folder. Do it with Dreamweaver closed then restart DW.
BenPatientAuthor Commented:
thanks. i figured out what was going on before I came back here, though.

There was a background image, a single white pixel, set on the pages that I didn't put on there. Because I deleted the folder where that spacer image was on my desktop, it couldn't find the image, and decided to show black instead. which seems like a dumb choice from a design standpoint. but it doesn't really matter, i guess. Now I know.

I deleted the background image and all went back to normal.

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